What’s New At The Bally’s Atlantic City Casino Floor

So the casino floor at Bally’s Atlantic City is REALLY coming along, folks! It’s made great strides in the past couple months (click here for a “before” look) and will be completed in a mere couple weeks for a 2/16/14 launch. That’s the day before President’s Day if you’re keeping track at home.  We would guesstimate that this Atlantic City casino is about 85 to 90 percent completed as of right now.

Take a look at the renovation progress:

Color Coded Locations 

Looking for a penny machine, quarter machine or $1 machine (big spender!)? You can now find them way more easily with color coded signs and end caps!

Penny slot areas are orange

Bally's Atlantic City casino 1

Quarter slots are green

Bally's Atlantic City casino 2

And dollar slots are blue!

Bally's Atlantic City casino 4

And if you’re looking for video poker instead, let the red guide your way!

Bally's Atlantic City casino 4


New Machines! 

Do not fret, Bally’s Atlantic City casino still has your favorite popular games and they’ve also added about 370 new ones that are also bound to end up on your favorites list!

Bally's Atlantic City casino 5

Some of which include the Quick Hit Curve games (above), Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Flashdance Single Progressive.


More Space! 

Areas of the casino floor have been opened up to allow more comfort for ya’ll. There are clearer pathways to your favorite games and out to the Atlantic City boardwalk, and most of the table games are now located on the main aisles of the casino to give it a more Las Vegas feel.

Bally's Atlantic City casino 6

What up, Vegas? Do YOU feel the new feel? (Also don’t forget to take note that the Party pit is still there…you love it and so do we).

And as we said above, the Bally’s casino floor is about 85 to 90 percent finished. Still to come is more comfortable machine chairs, a value zone consisting of lower dollar machines with decent rewards and a multiplier zone.

What do you think?! Stay tuned for more information about the grand launch on 2/16! Plan your next getaway to check out the new casino floor Bally’s Atlantic City now & snag a room and $20 food and beverage credit starting at just $49!




  1. Tomtom28 says:

    Dirty, seedy, no bottled water and they charge for wifi. You can keep it.

  2. My neighbor said Ballys bathroom was filthy. What a shame, I am so sorry to see AC go down like this. I prefer the large glitzy casinos and not these little slot boxes. Also I hate nickel and penny slots.

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