Atlantic City Restaurant Week 2014 Room Packages Plus An Interview With Chef Ryan Ebbs Of Dos Caminos At Harrah’s Resort!


The most wonderful time of the year is quickly approaching! Atlantic City Restaurant Week 2014 is right around the corner! You can FINALLY try out all those Atlantic City restaurants you’ve been hearing such great things about any time from March 2nd to March 8th! Atlantic City Restaurant Week lunches are priced at $15.14 per person, while dinners will cost you $33.14 a piece. Can we say a steal?!

Try every kind of cuisine you can think of from Italian to to Mexican to Asian to Continental and then some! And lucky for you, Caesars Entertainment Atlantic City properties are making it easy for you to not have to travel too far in between meals! Caesars Atlantic City, Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City, Showboat Atlantic City & Bally’s Atlantic City are offering room packages with a $66 Restaurant Week Credit starting at just $99! A $66 Restaurant Week Credit can get you two incredible dinners, four fabulous lunches or any combination there of equaling $66!

Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City Restaurant Week Package


Overnight Accommodations at Harrah’s Resort

$66 Food Credit to be used at Atlantic City Restaurant Week Harrah’s Resort participating outlets: Bill’s Bar & Burger, Dos Caminos, The Steakhouse, Luke Palladino, Sammy D’s & McCormick & Schmick’s 

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Caesars Atlantic City Restaurant Week Package


One Night Accommodations at Caesars Atlantic City

$66 Food Credit to be used at Atlantic City Restaurant Week Caesars participating outlets: MiaBuddakan at The Pier ShopsContinental at The Pier ShopsPhillips Seafood at The Pier ShopsNero’s Chophouse & Sushi Bar and Morton’s The Steakhouse

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Showboat Atlantic City Restaurant Week Package


Overnight Accommodations at Showboat Atlantic City

$66 Food Credit to be used at Atlantic City Restaurant Week Showboat participating outlets: Scarduzio’s Steak & Sushi Lounge, Casa Di Napoli & Crossroads At House Of Blues

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Bally’s Atlantic City Restaurant Week Package


Overnight Accommodations at Bally’s Atlantic City

$66 Food Credit to be used at Atlantic City Restaurant Week Bally’s participating outlets: Arturo’s, The Reserve, 6ix A Bistro, Harry’s Oyster Bar & Seafood, Nanking Asian Fusion

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(And if for some crazy, extreme reason you can’t make it to Atlantic City Restaurant Week 2014, click here to see if you can take advantage of some other special offers).

The Atlantic City Country Club Taproom will also be participating in Restaurant Week as well as all of the outlets listed above. In fact, the Kick-Off Party will be hosted there on Wednesday, February 26th from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.!

To give you even more of a sneak peek into the Caesars Entertainment Atlantic City side of Atlantic City Restaurant Week 2014, check out an interview below with Chef Ryan Ebbs of Dos Caminos at Harrah’s Resort! Get the low down!

Chef Ryan Ebbs

TAC: What’s the earliest memory you have in regards to cooking or wanting to be a chef? Do you remember the first meal you ever made?

Chef Ryan Ebbs: I remember the first time I actually tried to cook. I ended up awfully burning myself. I was making a big pot of broccoli soup for my brother’s 14th birthday. I think I was eight at the time. I was so happy that my mother actually let me help her cook. She went to set the table and I dropped an entire pot of soup! I had third degree burns and was out of school for about a month and a half! So for about six years, I didn’t go anywhere near the kitchen again.

TAC: Eek! What made you venture back towards the kitchen again?

Chef Ryan Ebbs: Just living on my own. When I turned 19, I was on my own and didn’t have a lot of money to do anything. It was either that or be lonely, so I always invited people over and cooked for them. It was more of a necessity than anything.

TAC: That’ll do it! You’ve worked with many different cuisines over the course of your career so far (steak, sushi, Italian, etc.). What do you like most about being the chef at Dos Caminos in particular?

Chef Ryan Ebbs:  The flavors. The food is really bold. All the flavors are very prominent, so it’s not like anything takes a back seat. You don’t eat anything on our menu without being surprised or being wowed. That’s what I like about it.

TAC: What have you learned working here specifically that you haven’t learned anywhere else?

Chef Ryan Ebbs: Yes, subtlety is key! When you work with so many interesting flavors, sometimes it’s cool to know how to undernote things rather than just punch people in the face with flavor.

TAC: What’s your favorite cuisine to work with and create dishes for? Do you have a preference?

Chef Ryan Ebbs: I would say this one. I love Mexican food, I love Spanish cuisine. If I wasn’t doing this, I’d probably run a Ramen Shop in some hole in the wall, that would probably be my secondary.

TAC: No way! That’s awesome! Dos Caminos is known for the guacamole. What’s the key to a good guacamole?

Chef Ryan Ebbs: All the ingredients have to be fresh. Guac isn’t one of those things you can dumb down. If you have old ingredients, it’s gonna taste that way. If everything is fresh and made fresh every day and you do it that way and respect it, then it comes out good.

TAC: What is your favorite kind of Dos Caminos guac?

Chef Ryan Ebbs: I like the regular or the Bacon Chicarron. It’s got pickled jalapenos, pork rinds and bacon. It’s good!

TAC: What will be featured on your Restaurant Week menu this year?

Chef Ryan Ebbs: Chile Rellenos, Skirt Steak…we feature items that are on our menu anyway because we wanted to highlight what the customers really like. We kept it basically the same and added the chile rellenos.

Mexican restaurants in Atlantic City

Skirt Steak

TAC: We heart the skirt steak. What’s the best dish you ever created?

Chef Ryan Ebbs: Our Valentine’s Day menu was really, really cool. We did a lot of different stuff. We did a six ounce filet with lobster and shrimp and chorizo with a roja reduction.

TAC: Noms as well. Famous last meal question. What would yours be?

Chef Ryan Ebbs: A big bowl of Vietnamese Pho. Rare beef. Or I would go to Momofuku in New York and have a bowl of his Ramen. Everyone always makes fun of me because I’m the most American Japanese/Mexican chef. I love Japanese and Vietnamese food.

TAC: We love it! What else do you still hope to accomplish in your career?

Ryan Ebbs: I would love to open a Ramen shop or taco spot on the beach! Three beers, two tequilas, four tacos, open the door and go right to the sand. That’s how I hope to retire some day!

Sounds good to us! But for now, keep rocking it over at Dos Caminos at Harrah’s Resort!

Snatch up an Atlantic City Restaurant Week 2014 room package at Caesars, Harrah’s Resort, Showboat or Bally’s and eat up at Dos Caminos and every other restaurant of your choice! This week is for eaters!


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