Total AC Blog’s Top 5 Favorite Things About The Buffet At Caesars Atlantic City

We have another one for you to add to your Atlantic City Buffet list! The Buffet at Caesars Atlantic City, all sleek, sexy and new, is now open!

Atlantic City buffets 1

Don’t you just want to take a step inside? When you do, you’ll want to take a couple plates full as well. Really. We got to take a couple steps inside AND a couple plates full, and we’re DYING to share our fave parts about this whole awesome experience. Ready? In no particular order…

1. It’s Pretty 

Atlantic City buffets 2

First things first. We love this little breakfast bar deal in the center. Beautiful. And this isn’t even half of the place. The orange accent color is also a home run. Just works. And it’s spacious! So much bigger. More room for your friends. Nicer all around. And flat screen TVs. Cause they always make everything more attractive.


2. Self Serve Wine 

Atlantic City buffets 3

It is an Atlantic City buffet after all. Pick your poison and fill ‘er up! Another beautiful feature, right? And so necessary!


3. Seasonal Food 

Atlantic City buffets 4

Atlantic City buffets 5

Atlantic City buffets 6

We can’t really go into specifics with the types of food because the menu changes daily which is another great characteristic. But it’s always seasonal. For example, when we gave The Buffet a whirl the other day, the carving station was dishing out some roast turkey breast with a maple and black pepper brim, and some incredible dessert options like mini pumpkin pies and pumpkin cupcakes! We were digging them. Stations include Asian, Italian, Seafood, Carving and Dessert!


4. Italian Is More Than Just Pasta 

Atlantic City buffets 7

And while we love the usual classics like pasta and pizza, it’s always nice to see something unique that ya just can’t grab anywhere else. We loved this little Mediterranean set up in the midst with the roasted tomatoes, mozzarella balls, marinated olives and artichokes. Perfect way to jazz up your plate.


5. The Presentation

Atlantic City buffets 8

Rather than throwing everything in a random bowl or dish, The Buffet at Caesars really makes an effort to present some of the offerings in some really cool ways. Look at the little takeout containers for some of the Asian selections, here. Super cute!


That’s what we like best about The Buffet at Caesars! What do you like? Come check it out! And don’t forget to use the Fresh Text system to reserve your table! The Buffet will shoot you one back when it’s ready! No waiting! Add that one to your list too. 😉

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