Three Card Poker Six Card Poker Dealer Spills On Luck Rituals & Millionaires!

Three Card Poker Six Card Bonus

Meet Carlos. He is a Three Card Poker Six Card Bonus dealer at Caesars Atlantic City and has been for 16 years now!

As you may or may not know, Three Card Poker Six Card Bonus is one of the many ways that Caesars Entertainment has made millionaires over the years (since we make the most out of anyone…hence Millionaire Maker…). Although Carlos still has yet to make a millionaire at his table, he enjoys watching people win nonetheless.

“The best part is the excitement on people’s faces when they win,”he said. “They share that excitement with other people at the table. Everyone shares their emotions with other players which is great. It’s not a game where everyone is fighting each other, so when you win, it’s a great moment for everyone else.”

There are excitement at Three Card Poker tables for sure and there are also some luck rituals going on. We asked Carlos to tell us some he’s seen from  ya’ll over the years. Check out the list:

1. The Way You Look At Your Cards

This one comes in different forms. Some players look at them quickly, while others take their time and look at them very….slowly. Some even prefer to go in blind and not look at all! Whatever works.


2. Holding Your Bladder

Not sure if we condone this one or not, but many of you refuse to go to the bathroom in fear that when you leave, a good hand will pop up. Apparently you’re not wrong either, because Carlos says it happens all the time. So…make sure that puppy is strong.


3. Charms 

Some of you like to bring little porcelain whatevers to place next to you while you play. Elephants are the kind that came to Carlos’ mind.


4. Lucky Coins

And some of you have lucky coins that you use to tap your money with before you bet.


5. Card Color

There are red and purple cards used in Three Card Poker Six Card Bonus. Some like the red better and others favor the purple. Whatever the case, they place higher bets on their color of choice.


So there you have it, folks. Three Card Poker Six Card bonus luck rituals straight from the mouth of a dealer at Caesars. You can also play this game at Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City, Showboat Atlantic City and Bally’s Atlantic City and get in on whatever luck ritual suits you best! Who knows, you could be the next millionaire!


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