Secrets of The House Of Blues Atlantic City

We make celebs here at Caesars Entertainment Atlantic City. Uh huh. It’s true. Our Regional Technical Manager of Entertainment, Jim Esher, was featured as the subject of this article in the Press Of Atlantic City back in March. (To get your 15 minutes, fill out a job application here, we’re still waiting for ours, btw. Joking. Jim deserves it.)

We thought that it was only fair that we get to chat with Jim too, as we ARE the official blog of Caesars Entertainment Atlantic City.

Jim has seen EVERYTHING at Showboat Atlantic City’s House Of Blues. That little stunt you tried to pull that day at Big Sean? Yeah, he saw it. Watch yourselves.

Just kidding. Kinda. You can only imagine some of the monkey business Jim sees and hears. Monkey business even too inappropriate to post in this blog and, well…we’re a BLOG for crying out loud. We dug deep though, we really did. Jim helped us uncover these House Of Blues Atlantic City secrets:

House Of Blues Music Hall


HOB Secret #1

Crazy-fan-barricade-jumping madness was SO CLOSE to happening recently at the Chevelle show.

Jim Esher Explains: “We had set up an enclosed  party pit for show. The band stated that they were going to tell their fans to jump the barricades to get to the front of the stage if we left it up. In an effort to ensure guest safety we made an eleventh hour decision to remove this.”

Always looking out for YOU. Don’t mess.


HOB Secret # 2

Not to be rude, but you won’t fit backstage….so don’t try it.

JE Explains: “Although the HOB Music Hall has the largest audience capacity of all of our theaters in town, it has the least amount of dressing rooms and the least amount of backstage space. This makes it very challenging to move all the different bands equipment, dressing space, and food & beverage around.”

Nowhere to run, we tell ya. Nowhere to run.


HOB Secret #3

Snoop Dogg spent many long hours totally gaming it up here. (Yes, in HOB, not even the casino).

Our Celeb Explains:  “If you give Snoop Dogg an Xbox it’s very hard to get him out of his dressing room.  He’s a Madden Football Junkie and he won’t come out till the game’s over.”

Hereeeee, doggie dogg. *Holds a gold –plated Xbox over our head*


HOB Secret #4

Some acts request more than food and drink to satisfy them.

JE Takes It Away: “Occasionally we’ll see requests for Condoms, Tube Socks, T Shirts, or some other clothing or medical ointment.  You just have to laugh and cross those out.”

*Blinks*. Seriously, let’s play a game. Which HOB acts do you think were guilty of this?  Sex, drugs & rock n’ roll kids.


That was fun though, right? We thought so.

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