New Slot Game Only Available at Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City

Atlantic City Super Team Slots

What else do you really want us to say?

A super new slot machine game has graced the casino floor of Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City. And we mean super both literally and figuratively.

Atlantic City Super Team Slots


Super Team slots allow you to finally unleash that superhero you’ve held deep down inside since childhood as you can customize your own, personal warrior to battle the bad guys every time you log into the game. And for all you divas out there, the more hero points you earn, the more costume changes. Victorious and stylish. We like.  So don’t forget that Total Rewards card. Your hero will join forces with two teams of other fun, fantasy characters and journey through the bonus rounds – Fortress, Robot Fight Free Spins, and Slotropolis. Take a look.

Atlantic City Super Team Slots

You know you want to. They're waiting for you.

Super Team slots are presented to you by WMS Gaming and if you want to play, you seriously need to come to Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City because it’s currently the only place in the good ol’ US of A housing the game. Super exclusive. Super cool. Super Team!


  1. Denise cea says:

    What about the reg slot machines .come out with a new one please.

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