Give A Dog A Bone At Showboat Atlantic City’s PetStay Program

People love their dogs. Some peeps look like their pups too. Whether you look like your dog or not, you’ll probably be psyched to know that you can bring them along when you stay in AC thanks to Showboat Atlantic City’s PetStay program.

This is sure to make for some happy tail wagging instead of the usual “Really? You’re leaving me? You may find your pillow destroyed when you get home” boo boo face.

After a stay at Showboat’s PetStay, your dog will look as happy and refreshed as Chloe here.


Work it, girl.

Chloe is the lucky winner of our America’s Best Dog Model Competition held back in March. And she had to work for this esteemed title. Chloe was crowned the winner after steamrolling past her competition in an obstacle course, winning the judges over with her many talents and wearing the best costume to showcase her shining personality.

The new face of our PetStay program and her owner, Michelle Devine, were kind enough to answer a couple questions for us about the competition and their PetStay experience.

TAC: What made you decide to enter Chloe in our America’s Next Dog Model Competition?

Michelle Devine: My sister heard about the competition through Harrah’s Facebook page and told me about it a few months after we got Chloe.  As a new puppy owner and a huge Atlantic City fan, I thought it would be fun to not only show off our adorable puppy, but to have a chance to win some great prizes.  Not to mention being a part of history in the making: a chance for Chloe to be the spokes-dog for the first and only pet-friendly hotel and casino in Atlantic City, NJ.

TAC: How did Chloe learn her winning talent tricks?

Michelle Devine: My boyfriend and I taught Chloe her winning talent tricks: sit, paw, kisses, and dance. I remember the first time she gave “paw” like it was yesterday.  I had been trying for weeks to teach Chloe to give her paw for a treat. One morning, while I was packing my lunch for work I decided to give it one more try and SHE DID IT! I was such a proud mama! I took a video (that I still have and watch to this day), and sent it to all our family and friends. “Kisses” was pretty easy to teach her since she loves her Mommy and Daddy SO much! And Chloe really is a natural dancer; whenever she wanted a treat, she used to jump up on her hind legs and beg.  We decided to put a command to it and call it “dance”.

TAC: What are your and Chloe’s favorite part of your grand prize winnings and why?

Michelle Devine: We truly feel blessed to have won such amazing prizes including: five overnight stays at a Pet Stay room at Showboat, a food and beverage credit, tickets to a House of Blues AC concert, a subscription to Fido Friendly Magazine, and a gem-encrusted collar from Around the Collar.  Our favorite part of the grand prize winnings is the ability to take a family vacation with our puppy, Chloe. With only a few weeks of vacation time each year, it’s important to be able to take a trip and share the memories with our entire family. This time together is priceless and we are truly thankful for the chance to do this.

TAC: What do you think it is about Chloe that captures the spirit of Showboat Atlantic City?

Michelle Devine: A lot of people who meet Chloe describe her as spunky and energetic. I think that her sociable and likeable personality represents Showboat AC very well!

TAC: We think so too. What do you (and Chloe) like about our PetStay program?

Michelle Devine: We absolutely love the fact that we can take a vacation together as a family to a great location, Atlantic City, and stay at a fabulous hotel, Showboat!  The staff and patrons at the casino are very friendly and welcoming to Chloe and other dogs.  Chloe absolutely adores all the attention and love. I remember the first time that we took her out for a walk and on our way back into the hotel, one of the staff members gave her a biscuit; it not only made Chloe happy, but it made me smile to know that she really is welcome!

It’s true. Showboat AC boasts a special area just for daily walks and potty time (for the dogs).

PetStay Lawn


You can even leave the pooper scooper at home.

PetStay Poopy Pouch

Poopy Pouches. We love.

Each pet stay room is equipped with even more biodegradable bags and oh yeah, a placemat, treats, and food and water bowls. (Again, for the dogs).

PetStay Amenities

Also take note, those biscuits are gourmet.

You now have officially run out of excuses to not visit AC. No pet sitter needed. Pack up your bags, and your canine, and enjoy a nice getaway (for….both).

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