Foundation Room Members Up On The Perks At Showboat Atlantic City

How would you like to have your own private box, whenever you want, for any concert at the House Of Blues Atlantic City? Joanne Klein of Brigantine does because she is a member of the Foundation Room at Showboat Atlantic City.

Foundation Room 1

“The boxes are great, the service is wonderful, and the seats are so comfortable,” says Joanne. “You can have your own small party in the box and relax with friends before the show starts.”

Foundation Room 2

Need we say more? Probably not, but we will.

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Foundation Room, it is an ultra lounge that offers membership; three different membership packages to be precise. While the terms and conditions vary slightly for each, they all are insanely awesome.

One of the most fav perks of Foundation Room members is all this HOB VIP jazz and advanced concert notification and purchasing privileges. Take a look at member Karen and friends at the House Of Blues step and repeat with Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips, below.

The Flaming Lips

How cool! Who gets to do that?

Anyway. “Our favorite way to use the Foundation Room membership is with the concert tickets,” says Joanne.  “Getting tickets to just about each event is wonderful as we have seen so many great performers. Love the feel of knowing I can email Jen and our concert tickets will be waiting for us.   Who needs Ticketmaster?   No problems, no worries.”

Another popular use of Foundation Room membership is complimentary private room usage and 20% off dinner there. The atmosphere is totally beautiful. It’s a global design that “blends the richness of authentic Indian, Asian, and Tibetan artwork, religious artifacts, masks, and costumes.” Check out this photo of a member enjoying one of the private rooms, below.

Foundation Room 3

See what we mean? Really cool vibe.

Oh yeah, and the food is absolutely delish too.

“I usually eat in the Foundation Room about 6 times a year,” says Joanne.  “What do I like? Those bacon wrapped dates! To die for!”.

Members of any kind are also invited to exclusive events such as quarterly member appreciation events and monthly gourmet wine dinners and themed parties.

“Love the member appreciation events,” said Joanne. “You see a lot of the same people at some of the concerts, but then at the marquee events, everybody is together and you get to talk to a lot of really nice people.  Love the white party, by far my favorite. Love how they go all out with the white themed decor and ice sculpture and champagne as soon as you come in the door you can feel it’s going to be a good evening.  The polyester party and ugly sweater parties have been fun too.  The suite parties used to be fun too when they would open the House Of Blues suite rooms and have food and cocktails in them.”

Sounds like some good times! Check out some pictures from some of these events in the gallery below.


Looks like some good times too! Click here for more info on Foundation Room membership packages to make your own good times and experience this true, hidden gem at Showboat AC! For even more information about the membership, to make reservations, or to arrange a tour of the venue, please call Jennifer Miltner at 609-343-4523.

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