Favorites From Scarduzio’s Steak & Sushi Lounge At Showboat Atlantic City

Let’s pick back up where we left on Friday, shall we?

Scarduzio's Atlantic City 1

Cheers! Well, just for one drink. It is Monday after all. This one is the Scarduzio Smash from none other than Scarduzio’s Steak & Sushi Lounge at Showboat Atlantic City. This drink is featured on Scarduzio’s Social Hour menu and is made up of Patron, Ciroc Orange, and Fresh Lime. And it is surprisingly  not overpowering. It’s citrus-y, but smooth and lite. We heard “perfect amount of everything” floating around out there about this one. So true. Try it. You’ll like it.

It’s easy to go from Social Hour to dinner hour at Scarduzio’s because there’s just so much to try. Their sushi is to die for and is obviously a main attraction of the joint. Check out this amazing shrimp roll from their current prefixed menu.

Scarduzio's Atlantic City 2

If you’re big on the sushi and want more and more and more, they have another complete menu…just for the raw gems of the sea. Take a looksie at Scarduzio’s sushi menu here.

For a favorite non-sushi appetizer, we highly recommend the Blue Bay Pei Mussels. First of all, they are totally cool because they come in their own neat-o contraption.

Scarduzio's Atlantic City 3

But the real treat comes when you open that baby up.

Scarduzio's Atlantic City 4

Just look at the array of colors! These mussels are tossed in a garlic cream sauce with chorizo sausage and kaffir lime essence. So, so, so good. We could have dunked our bread in this all night long. You won’t be disappointed with this one. No way, no how.

Scarduzio’s Steak & Sushi Lounge is also famous for the red meats…duh. The 16 OZ. Slow Roasted Prime Rib is a fav of ours. Anything slow roasted is usually a winner in our book. Juices do wonders. And in this case, they do incredible wonders.

Scarduzio's Atlantic City 5

Melts in your mouth. And comes with a baked potato.

Now that you’ve experienced some of our favorites from Scarduzio’s at Showboat Atlantic City, let us know some of yours! Check them out from 5:30 – 10 p.m. on Thursdays and Sundays and 5:30 to 11 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays.

If you are a fan of Scarduzio’s Steak & Sushi Lounge, then you are also most likely a fan of Table 31, Chef Chris Scarduzio’s Italian Steakhouse in Philadelphia. Just an FYI, Table 31 will be hosting a fundraiser called Savor For Sandy on Sunday, December 16th from 6 to 11 p.m. This event will feature award-winning chefs around the area and will benefit the Wish Upon A Hero Foundation to help those affected most by Hurricane Sandy. Get tickets here and keep checking back for more!

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