DJ Camilo Spices Up The Pool After Dark At Harrah’s Resort

Sound the air horns! It’s about time you get to know the faces behind the jams that get you party rockin’ every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday night at Harrah’s Resort‘s The Pool After Dark.

If you’re headed to our uber fabulous nightclub on Saturday night, you’ll be fist pumping to the sounds of one of The Pool’s resident DJs, International Club King, DJ Camilo. This Heavy Hitter is a popular face among the tri-state area club circuit and has played in countless party places from Belgium to Japan and everywhere in between.

DJ Camilo

He also hosts New at 2 week days and Heavy Hitters Hour Fridays on one of NYC’s hippest radio stations, HOT 97. Wha wha!

We were somehow able to track down this favorite Atlantic City DJ in the midst of his crazy schedule to get to know the man behind the beats.


TAC: What was the first song or genre that inspired you to start mixing and why?

DJ Camilo: The first genre of music I started mixing was hip hop music. Where I’m from, Jackson Heights, Queens, early in the ’90s, Hip Hop was all around my surroundings.

TAC: What was your first DJ job ever?

DJ Camilo: It was definitely a house party in a huge living room with about 125 wild high school kids. Miss those days!

TAC: What is your process like when putting together your sets and mixtapes?

DJ Camilo: As far as my sets in any nightclub, my process depends first on the crowd I’m playing for that night. The age range of the crowd, whether it’s New York, Miami, west coast, over seas; whether it’s a bridge and tunnel crowd, an up-tempo crowd, a hip hop crowd…these factors are very important. When I’m on the set, reading the crowd is key to a successful night.

TAC: What are your favorite jams on your iPod right now?

DJ Camilo: It ranges from “Burn” – Meek Mill and Big Sean, “Rattle” – Bingo Players, “Feel So Close” – Calvin Harris, “No Lie” – 2 Chainz, “Amen”- Meek Mill featuring Drake, and “Paradise” – Coldplay.

TAC:  What are your favorite songs or mixes to spin live and why?

DJ Camilo: I’m a music lover, so I love all types of music, but my favorite is to always use the element of surprise when transitioning different genres of music. For example, going from an up-tempo song like Rihanna to Jay-Z and Kanye West “Paris”. It always rattles the crowd!

TAC: One of your nicknames is the International Club King. Is there anywhere you haven’t played yet that’s on your bucket list?

DJ Camilo: Absolutely. On my to-do list left is Dubai, Australia, Philippines, and believe it or not, Columbia, where I’m from. But I’m blessed to have played several times in places like Japan, Russia, Italy, Switzerland, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Canada, Belgium, Puerto Rico, etc.

TAC: You are one of 5 DJs with a residency at The Pool After Dark. What do you like about playing here?

DJ Camilo: What I love about it is: Number 1 – there is no room in the east coast like this, Number 2: It always brings out an energetic crowd that comes to AC to simply rock out, and Number 3 – It’s a beautiful room and the hotel is great.

TAC:  You also have a #1 radio show on a top station in the country, HOT 97 out of NYC. What’s the secret?

DJ Camilo: The secret is I never treat it like a job. I do it with passion and love. To be on the radio in NYC and playing for 12 million potential listeners is like no other experience. I’m also blessed to be on a station like HOT 97 where I’m given lots of freedom versus other radio stations in the country that play the same old music over and over.

TAC: Do you prefer playing on the radio or in front of a live crowd?

DJ Camilo: I can’t compare these two. They are totally different. But if I had to choose, I would say there is no other high like playing in front of 2 thousand people. Choosing the music and having the power of dictating the crowd to build it up to a level where they are screaming, jumping, singing, throwing their hands in the air…what a rush! It’s a great feeling to see these people forget about their worries and problems.

TAC: You were also named Latin Mixx DJ of the Year in 2010 and starred in an MTV 2 reality show, “The Wizards NYC”. What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment so far and why?

DJ Camilo: Basically, doing what I love to do for a living. Traveling the world to play for the masses is amazing to me.

TAC: Is there anything else that you want your Atlantic City fans to know about you?

DJ Camilo: I own a restaurant in Long Island City, Queens named Blend. It’s a Latin Fusion restaurant and it’s delicioso!

Come see Camilo with La La Vasquez at 9 p.m. this Saturday at The Pool After Dark at Harrah’s Resort. Click to follow him on Instagram and Twitter too!

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