Classic Spotlight Series: Hey, Mr. Cashman

Hey, Mr. Cashman. We know. Those words are music to your ears. And the payout ding-a-ling is even more grand of a tune.

Atlantic City slots

The Mr. Cashman slot games by Aristocrat are arguably the most popular on the casino floor. Sometimes you can’t even get a seat! And there are over 200 of these game types combined at Caesars Atlantic City, Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City and Bally’s Atlantic City.

We did a little digging into why Mr. Cashman is such a fav on the Atlantic City casino floor. And contrary to our initial thoughts, it isn’t even because he’s so dang cute! (Look at him, seriously).It pretty much all comes down to the following reasons:

1. Mr. Cashman Goes A Long Way 

When you take a seat at Cashman Live, Cashman Tonight, the original Mr. Cashman or any kids of the Cashman fam, buckle up because you’ll most likely be in for a long ride. One Tripadvisor reviewer actually had a friend who played a Cashman machine for fourteen to fifteen hours straight. Fourteen to fifteen hours, people. That’s bang for your buck right there. And to award you for hanging in there, most players report a bit more winning too.

2. Mr. Cashman Suits Your Price Point

Mr. Cashman machines come in all denominations, all shapes and sizes. In fact, Harrah’s Resort currently boasts a 25 cent option which is pretty rare! Find one that fits your budget!

3. Mr. Cashman Features Random Bonuses

This one brings home the most bragging rights for Mr. Cashman. The random bonuses. You don’t have to do anything, you don’t have to hit anything. These bonuses can literally just pop out of  nowhere for you, definitely raising the excitement factor and shifting the odds in your favor. Everybody loves a bonus….or four.

If you have yet to meet Mr. Cashman at Caesars, Harrah’s Resort or Bally’s…what are you waiting for?! He’s been all up in these parts since 2002! Give him a chance, you might like him!

Hit Bigger Jackpots on Your Favorite Asian Slot Games Only at Caesars Entertainment Atlantic City Properties!

Do you love the thrill and challenge of a good Asian slot game? If you answered yes to this question, you’ve probably been enjoying some good times watching those reels turn on some of your favorites- 50 Dragons, 50 Dragon Deluxe, 5 Dragons, 5 Dragon Deluxe, Choy Sun Doa, and Fortune King at Caesars Atlantic City, Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City and Bally’s Atlantic City as of late.

Asian gaming in Atlantic City

What you may not know is that these three Atlantic City casinos can give you a gaming experience better than anyone else in town on these particular slots. Why? Game designer, Aristocrat Technologies, has released an exclusive batch of these machines straight from Macau only to our Caesars Entertainment properties. When you take a seat at 50 Dragons (or any of the others listed above) at Caesars, Harrah’s Resort or Bally’s, you have the chance to hit bigger jackpots. While your hits on these machines may be less frequent, the pay out is more which ultimately means more $$$$ in your pocket. Who doesn’t like that?!

Find all of these games and more in the Asian gaming pits at Harrah’s Resort and Bally’s, and adjacent to the Diamond Club at Caesars. The jackpots are calling!



Elton John Video Slot Game Has World Premiered at Caesars Atlantic City

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, hello Caesars Atlantic City! Elton John the slot machine by WMS Gaming had its world premiere here at Caesars this past Thursday. That’s right, we had first dibs. Caesars AC was the first place slot enthusiasts could touch this incredible game and the property will continue to showcase it for players.

This is probably the only time in your life where you’ll be able to see through the eyes of a legendary genius as the dual top screens of the machine allow you to watch the excitement unfold through Sir Elton’s iconic glasses. And don’t forget to hold on tight because WMS’ famous sensory immersion chair is back at it again, this time belting out Elton John classics at every turn.

Elton John

Captain Fantastic fanatics (and peeps who just like WINNING) will particularly enjoy the Rocket Man Feature where you can earn up to 20x’s multipliers and WILD spins as well as the I’m Still Standing (free spins galore) and Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting (earn awards and spin the Gold Wheel!) bonuses.

Are you excited?

Watch the video for even more.


Magic. Needless to say you have to get to Caesars ASAP if you haven’t already to be one of the first set of fingers on this beautiful video slot machine. Jump in the car, count the headlights on the highway and go! The Rocket Man awaits you!

Two Thumbs Up For Caesars Atlantic City Casino Floor Changes

The Caesars Atlantic City casino floor might look a little different these days and that’s because some changes were made specifically for your comfort and entertainment.

And if things don’t look a little different to you, then perhaps they might feel different when you’re sitting with baited breath at your favorite slot or video poker machine. What we’re trying to say is, no more numb butts!

Caesars Atlantic City casino 1

New chairs, ya’ll! Bigger seats, bigger stool backs and hydraulic adjustment bar to move that baby up and down for more comfort. You like?

The newest and most popular slot games have also been shipped in and installed for you to try out at Caesars. Take a look at these gems:

Goldfish 3 by WMS

Caesars Atlantic City casino 2

From WMS: “The player-favorite Gold Fish brand is back, and this time on our proven-performing BLADE™ cabinet! The swimmingly popular series returns with brand-new bonuses presented in high-definition graphics. Players will go wild for the WILD reels in the new Seahorse feature. And now for the first time ever, players will get to feed the fish! Along with a unique interface and mystery wheel that spins for one of five unique fish bonuses, Gold Fish 3 will have players lining up for Big Fins – errr – Big Wins!”

One Red Cent by MGAM

Caesars Atlantic City 3

From MGAM: “One Red Cent Deluxe on the new High Rise Games Series by Multimedia Games is sure to leave players with an experience they can take to the bank! Multimedia Games debuts this money making, 5-tier progressive on the newest High Rise Games® Series with an impressive 37 inch video top box.”

Sex and the City Platinum by IGT

Caesars Atlantic City casino 4

From IGT: “Fall in love again with this glamorous classic! This 5-reel, 30-payline, 50-credit cost-to-cover game offers five progressive pick bonuses. Base game math is based on the original Sex and the City™ Video SlotsThe base game is packed with iconic imagery from the Sex and the City™ Series, allowing players to reconnect with their favorite characters in this platinum hit.”

Clue Gamefield by WMS

Caesars Atlantic City casino 5

From WMS: “The mansion’s mysteries are updated to the modern world in this fresh take on the classic board game CLUE. Utilizing our innovative, proven Gamefield xD cabinet, CLUE immerses players into the mansion with guides taking them through the game and narrating the action”.

Jackpot Factory by MGAM 

Caesars Atlantic City casino 5

From MGAM: “This is one exciting fun factory players will love! This 5-tier progressive really makes a splash with four bonus features and stunning top screen animation on the 37-inch High Rise Games® video top box.”

Bridesmaids by IGT

Caesars Atlantic City casino 6

From IGT: “Save the Date and Join the Party! This game features 5-reels, 40-paylines, and a 10-credit side bet, for a 50-credit cost-to-cover. The base game is packed with iconic imagery, hit music and main characters from the hilarious film adding to the branded experience.”

Beetlejuice by WMS 

Caesars Atlantic City casino 7

From WMS: “Join the creepy, eccentric cast of BEETLEJUICE characters in an all-new strange and unusual slot experience. The 6×9 interface stretches across the 32-inch LCDs of the Gamefield xD™ cabinet – vividly displaying oversized symbols that award a 5x multiplier when lined up!”

Avatar by IGT

Caesars Atlantic City casino 7

From IGT: “Inspired by the highest-grossing movie of all time, James Cameron’s AVATAR™, the dazzling game duo is packed with iconic imagery from the film and industry-first innovation. IGT collaborated with Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products and Lightstorm Entertainment to bring these captivating games to life.”

Look at that awesome selection! Are you just SO ready to get your hands on them buttons and bottoms on those seats?! We don’t blame you! Be sure to make the trip and check out these new additions to the Caesars casino floor. Comfort + Entertainment = Perf Gaming Experience!

Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory Video Slot Game May Bring You Big Bucks at Caesars & Bally’s Atlantic City, Soon At Harrah’s Resort & Showboat Atlantic City

There is a new kid on the slot block at Caesars Atlantic City and Bally’s Atlantic City. You may be vaguely familiar with him/it. Let us introduce you to Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory by WMS Gaming.

Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory

Not only is this game awesome because it features some of your childhood fave footage of Gene Wilder in action and has the ability to take you through a bumpy ride through the Chocolate River with the sensory immersion 2.0 chair, it also has the potential to earn you a. lot. of. money. Maybe even in the millions. It is a progressive after all. (Caesars Entertainment Atlantic CityMillionaire Maker – check). This is all thanks to the Oompa Loompa feature. Oompa Loompa’s may show themselves during any spin in the base game. When this happens, they add 1 to 5 reels of WILD symbols (two screens high) that may earn you up to 10x.

Three or more bonus symbols in the base game can also score you an Elevator Bonus which gives you a credit amount or another of the following bonuses: Chocolate River Bonus, Free Spin Bonus, Gobstopper Pick Bonus and the Golden Ticket Bonus. Every Elevator Bonus finishes with a Golden Ticket Bonus where players will be awarded with one golden ticket, the  highest of which is $5,000.


Sound and look fun? We thought that it sounded so much fun that it made us want to dig a little deeper! We wanted to know more about this game and get down to the nitty gritty of it all. We spoke with game designer Jeremy Hornik about the creation of Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory and all it has to offer, below!

TAC: What kind of research went into bringing this game to life?

Jeremy Hornik: We watched the movie a whole bunch. We focused on the second half of the movie. Most people forget that the whole first half of the movie is before he gets into the chocolate factory. We watched that a few times and ultimately decided that people didn’t really not want to be in a chocolate factory when they could be inside a chocolate factory! But we also read the book a few times. It’s good to know where everything comes from to sort of stretch it out as well. Those were the main areas that we sort of focused on to get Willy Wonka going.

TAC: How long did the creation of this game take from the very first to the very last stages?

Jeremy Hornik: I think this one took about twenty months. It may have started a little earlier than that on pencil and paper, but this was a big project for us, so we spent a lot of time on it. There’s a lot of bonuses, there’s a lot of stuff in it; there’s a lot of cool visual things that you might not catch on the first play and that all took time so we had to stretch out on this one a little bit.

TAC: Is there anything that the game features in its final form that wasn’t part of the initial plan?

Jeremy Hornik: Yeah, we’re always adjusting as we go. The Gobstobber Pick bonus came in later. When we were doing our initial tests, people who were playing the game wanted a pick bonus. They felt that the free spins were great and all the other parts were great, but it didn’t have everything they wanted. We also were redesigning the whole elevator sequence a few times as it went. We couldn’t get it to visually be fun and interesting, exciting and also be clear about what you might or might not win. So the final one we came up with took a whole bunch of changes to go through. We had one where you were kind of zooming up through a tunnel of prizes, and it was really exciting, but it was hard to tell what you were looking at.

TAC: What was the process like behind the initial ideas of all of the bonus rounds?

Jeremy Hornik: The signature of the piece is the Oompa Loompa feature. We knew that people liked WILD reels, but what would Willy Wonka do is the question. What crazy stuff would he do? So we came up with this idea of not just expanding the reels, but expanding them from one screen to all the way up to the next screen. They are reels that are so big that one screen cannot contain them. They have to expand over two screens. We knew that we wanted that to go very well with the music. That Oompa Loompa music is so iconic, people love that. We spent a lot of time trying to time things out so that they would fit with the music and also to make the music adjustable so that if you have a long bonus, and a lot of stuff happening, the music suits it, but if you have a short one where not much happens, the music suits that as well. Trying to make it as exciting and clear as it can be with a whole bunch of variation. We went through a lot of mass variations to make sure that it was fun and exciting and had the potential to pay really, really well. We had a musician working, we had a 3D animator working over here to make our Oompa Loompas, and so that was a pretty lengthy one.

The free spin bonuses, we had those giant, oversized symbols that come through. That one actually went pretty easily once we started it going. We wanted the giant symbols because it’s a neat idea to see a giant, oversized Willy Wonka going by. Particularly when you get one that’s five wide, that’s an exciting moment. And then it was just balancing the math; making sure it was fun, that you had a chance at something good, so making sure the tease felt appropriate and also doing it with different characters. So you have the Charlie version, the Grandpa version, the Wonka version and helping people understand that that would be a better one as you go on up.

TAC: The Chocolate River Bonus uses the sensory immersion chair. What was the design process like for this bonus with this in mind?

Jeremy Hornik: We have this chair and we have done a couple of games on it already, but we have never done a game where it was very dynamic where you might move. In most of the other ones, it’s kind of an express path where it’s fun and it’s exciting and it moves you through, but once you’ve played that game 100 times, you’re not going to be feeling anything new out of it and you start to feel tired out. What we wanted to do with this one is have this very variable ride where you never really knew where it was going to go. It might cut left, it might cut right. You might want something over there and you can feel the chair pushing you towards it, and you’re hoping that you can get all the way to it. Sometimes it cuts away at the last moment, sometimes it goes past it, and sometimes you run right into it and it’s just perfect. That Chocolate River as well, that’s one of people’s most remembered segments of the movie because it’s so strange!

TAC: How did you choose to incorporate Gene Wilder’s character into the game?

Jeremy Hornik: The great thing about the Willy Wonka character is on the one hand, he is this maker of all things wonderful; chocolate, delicious things, all this kind of great stuff. On the other hand, he is also kind of unpredictable and he sets these paths for people and they get into trouble. He is a great slot character! On the one hand, he could deliver untold riches, untold delights and piles of piles of chocolate, and on the other hand he could shut you out completely and you would feel like that was just part of his mood. To have this character that is on the one hand, so beloved and so memorable to people, but on the other hand has this sinister edge, it is great for a slot game. Because when he comes up in play, you don’t know what you’re going to get out of him.

TAC: What was your favorite part of the process creating this game?

Jeremy Hornik: This has been a great game to work on. There is a really terrific team of artists and programmers and they love the movie so much and have so many ideas that they pour into this. We probably came up with ten games worth of material working on this game! Filtering out what we would end up using is always tough, but the commitment over such a long period of time from so many people was the greatest thing. From a player perspective when I’m playing the game, I want that Oompa Loompa. That’s where the money is.

TAC: Why do you think this game will resonate with our players at Caesars Entertainment in Atlantic City?

Jeremy Hornik: Having that chance to win a big pile of money on one spin. You don’t have to work your way through a bonus, you don’t have to do this and that. The bonuses are all fun and exciting and adventurous and you can win a lot of money on them, but the chance that just in a spin, you can just crush the machine. That’s a great feeling.

TAC: Did you learn anything about Willy Wonka during this whole process?

Jeremy Hornik: The movie is fascinating. They had the hardest time making the Chocolate River look good while they were shooting. It looked terrible. Even in the final movie, it doesn’t look all that great. They started with just sort of dropping all of this chocolate powder into the water. It looked like mud and started to stink after a day or two! The game is different, we tried as best as possible to make it look like a rich, warm river full of chocolate! Gene Wilder also was very particular about the color of his hat. He wanted a brown hat and they tried to give him a green hat and he got all upset. He wrote a long letter about why he needed it to be a brown hat. Something about how a green hat was too weird, mysterious and magical and he needed to make sure that people know that he’s from the real world so he needed a brown hat like a normal person would have. The other really exciting thing is that when Wonka actually appears for the first time, he comes out the door and comes out limping with a cane. There’s this sort of hush that falls over the crowd as they are looking at him limp out. Then he falls down and does a summersault and hops up, and he’s perfectly fine. Gene Wilder insisted that this go in. He just had a normal entrance and he wanted to add this moment because he said that after he did that, no one would trust anything he said for the rest of the movie. They would know that he would be trying to trick them. I thought that was great. Completely great insight into that character.

TAC: How did working on this game differ from the others you have worked on in the past?

Jeremy Hornik: There’s so much desire to get the movie right in this game. We always have that with all of our movies, but it’s rare that we get to work on something as quite as beloved as this. Wizard Of Oz games are similar. We have the same level of passion for them. These are movies that people loved not just because they were great movies, but they loved them as children. When people have that kind of connection, as a kid they like something and they still like it as an adult and are able to feel it on many different levels, you really have a responsibility to get everything completely right. The other thing we got to put in this game which is very rare, is if you get no credits during a free spin bonus, Wonka comes out and we actually run the video of the speech: YOU GET NOTHING. NOTHING! GOOD DAY, SIR! You can’t do that in a slot game, that’s horrible, so of course we make sure they get something on the way out, but you can only do that with something as beloved as this.

There you have it, folks. Try it out at Caesars and Bally’s if you haven’t already. And don’t fret, Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City and Showboat Atlantic City players! Willy Wonka will be there soon! Hopefully it will be ready to add you to the  millionaire club too…if you’re lucky! And at the very least…you’re just lucky to be here, aren’t you? 😉

Caesars Entertainment Offers More Ways To Help Reach Millionaire Status & Unlocks Awesome New Atlantic City Promotion Today!

It’s Thursday! And it’s July 11th! Know what that means? The 10X Reward Credit Multiplier starts today for Total Rewards members! Yay for Atlantic City promotions!

Atlantic City promotions

Every Thursday until August 29th, Total Rewards members will have the chance to swipe their Total Rewards card at a designated promotional kiosk between 9 a.m. and 11 p.m. This will activate your 10X Multiplier! Then you go to the slot machine of your choice and watch those puppies multiply! So easy, right?! Who knows what this could earn you! You could be Caesars Entertainment‘s 723rd millionaire! Who the heck knows! Caesars Entertainment does make the most millionaires out of anyone else, after all. Ah, Millionaire Maker.

So start swiping and multiplying at Caesars Atlantic City, Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City, Showboat Atlantic City and Bally’s Atlantic City! And sign up for Total Rewards if you haven’t already! Good luck!

Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City Exclusively Unveils Titan 360 Slot Experience By Konami Gaming

If you’ve walked the gaming floor of Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City this past week, the assembly of a new, twelve-foot, multi-stationed game right across from Bill’s Bar & Burger probably caught your attention.

Titan 360

(Bonus: The top of the game rotates & switches colors too! Check the gallery, below.)


This is the Titan 360, a new slot experience with amusement-like and mechanical elements brought to you by Konami Gaming Inc. Harrah’s Resort is the first casino in the country to house Titan 360 and you can begin playing it sometime today!

The base game features all of your usual favorites, but the kicker is that for an additional 20 credits per bet level, you get a chance to spin the amazing Rise To Wealth bonus event. This is triggered by reels one and five landing on the lock and key symbols. When this happens, a ball in the overhead structure of the game will start moving back and forth. It will eventually land in a pocket that will signify the winnings: The diamond symbol holes will score you the mini jackpot award or a stab at the money ring with larger jackpots and 10x multipliers.

And this can happen with any kind of bet.

“We’ve scaled the rewards based on the bet level on the base game,” said Konami Gaming’s Director of Games Product Management, Steve Walther. “So if you’re playing level one, you’ll win a lower amount as you play the Titan 360 Rise to Wealth game, but as you get to the higher bet levels, you’ve got the opportunity to win some serious cash awards because you’ve bet up the button panel. The game rewards you for betting up.”

And really, just having the opportunity to play this slot game meets arcade game with crazy technical elements is an experience and reward in itself.

“Titan 360 is something others can’t replicate,” said Matt Reback, Konami Senior Director of Marketing. “It’s based on solid math and proven performers with this high-entertainment-value center that’s got physics and mechanics in it. I think people come to the casino looking for new experiences and looking for layered entertainment.”

Do you? We think you should try it out exclusively at Harrah’s Resort starting today! Let us know what you think!

Family Guy Video Slots Dominating at Caesars Entertainment Atlantic City Properties

We’re digging the Family Guy video slots by IGT at Caesars Atlantic City, Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City, Showboat Atlantic City and Bally’s Atlantic City. Are you?

Family Guy

Anytime you see a Family Guy character pop up on any of the 5 reels, you can score exciting “extras” in the forms of Peter’s Random Credit Award, Meg’s Multipliers, Chris’ Wild Symbols, Stewie’s Random Wilds, Lois’ Scatter Plays and Brian’s Bonus Boost. And if you hit three World Domination symbols, well, it’s about to go down. Three of these trigger one of six, super, sweet bonus rounds:

1. Chris’ Closet Bonus – Choose a door to win multipliers

2. The Drunken Clam Bonus – Try your luck at pouring the guys a round of Pawtucket Patriot Ale for some cool winnings

3. Brian’s Big Dig Bonus – Pick a dirt pile to win free spins and more

4. The Chicken Fight Bonus – Help Peter beat his archrival for some big money

5. Lois’ Hot Free Spins Bonus – Pretty self-explanatory, no?

AND…drum roll, please…

5. Stewie’s World Domination Progressives – Lois is the target, here. Big surprise. Ready, aim, and fire! Hit Lois and win progressives! This is the one that REALLY gets you the big money.

Plus, have fun and be entertained with clips from your favorite FOX series. Take a look at it in action:


We love it! And we love even more that we recently got to sit down and talk with Lead Game Designer Jeff Urmston and Game Artist Steve Richardson from the design team! Get the inside scoop on the creation of the Family Guy video slots, below!

TAC: How did the idea about making a Family Guy video slot game first come to the table?

Jeff Urmston: We’ve always been looking at expanding our reach in terms of the kind of licenses we’re looking for. We’re looking at everything across the board in terms of all the different licenses we pull in. Just looking at the show, it’s incredibly popular and tons of people who work here like it and it turns out that it was available to go after, so we jumped on the opportunity to get it.

TAC: If you had to put the creation of this game into steps, what would they be?

Jeff Urmston: One of the interesting things about this game is since there was so much passion on the project, just about everyone in our studio wanted to have a piece of this and get a chance to work on it. The amount of ideas the ideas we had for the game just swelled really fast. It took a long time of visually brainstorming with tons of people in the studio and designing the core team of people who were going to take that design. We had almost too much to work with. There were so many good ideas for the project that we actually broke it down into designing individual bonus games while making sure that we preserved the look and the feel of the game. Something Steve was really responsible for was despite us being a gambling game, it was still true to the Family Guy license. A lot of the process was coming up with our own crazy ideas but also staying true to Family Guy along the way.

TAC: What kind of Family Guy research did you do to bring this game to fruition?

Jeff Urmston: Thankfully almost all of us already had our research because we were all fans of the show and watched it several times, but basically watching a lot of the show. We actually had several meetings with the guys at FOX and were able to get a sense of what makes Family Guy, Family Guy. The owners of the property look at it in a very specific way and our job was to really get to know every aspect of every character, every joke, the favorite things that players are really going to want to see, and basically make sure that all gets put into the game.

TAC: Is there any kind of fun fact you learned about the show in the process of making this video slot?

Jeff Urmston: That it’s still funny after a lot of watching! One of the things is really being able to get into the animation. We actually did custom animation here and with FOX for this game. The whole process is very intense. It’s not just a bunch of pictures on the screen. It’s everything from the line weights of every single character to how they need to appear , making sure that this character could only appear with certain other ones or in other contexts, making sure you know every single one of those details and just how knowledgeable the Family Guy people are with that as well.

TAC: The animations were designed specifically for this game. What was that process like?

Jeff Urmston: It’s very detailed. When you start doing custom animation especially for someone who has a very well-known property, you have to make sure you get it right. Thankfully we have a team of really awesome animators that were able to really pick up the brand and prove that we’re not some backwoods company; that we actually produce really stellar work and show that FOX was able to let us use it in their game.

Steve Richardson: The way that we do the animation for this game is no different than how they actually do it for the show. We work with style sheets, so every character has a sheet with expressions and hand poses and size charts of how big each characters are to each other and then we do a pencil test. It’s basically a very rough idea of the animation. Not every single frame, but key poses. We do all that work and then we send it off to the animation directors at FOX just like the animation department at FOX would do. They would look at it and critique it or approve it and then we would go to the inking and coloring phase. Then at that point is clean up. You go through and finish every single one of the frames. So for each animation you’re looking at, you’re looking at 30 frames of drawings for every one second of animation. We’ll ink and color those and then we just put sound to them after the fact.

TAC: What else did you do to bring the characters to life in this game?

Jeff Urmston: The big one was really featuring all the major characters as big pieces of the game. The hardest thing about Family Guy is that there’s so much to work with. We have plenty of stuff for future games, but even with this first crack at it we wanted to really show off the main characters. We have the six main family members and the goal was to create base game features and bonuses to revolve around each one of those and celebrate their characteristics and really preserve some of the jokes throughout the whole game. Meg is sort of the butt of every joke and sort of the pooper in the bonuses or certain features will happen but she’ll be left out of them intentionally all to kind of play on that joke that runs throughout the show. We wanted to make sure that the personality of the character was sort of imbued in the bonuses or the features that we use for them so players can totally connect with that.

TAC: What’s something that went into the creation of this game that would surprise most people?

Jeff Urmston: We had access to all of the clips from the game, so we had more voice than we actually needed. We were able to cut and paste and use that to tell the story of the game even though it all came directly from the show and not from any custom animation, but additionally we were trying to include all the characters the players love and things like that.

TAC: Why do you think this game will be a hit with our players here at Caesars Entertainment Atlantic City?

Jeff Urmston: I think just like the show, it goes on in the sense that ‘funny makes money’. You can watch it thousands and thousands of times and it’s still funny every time you play it. We kind of integrated that with the game play in a way that you can basically come back to this game over and over again and there’s so much content that you’ll never get bored. In terms of content, I think this game is an IGT milestone for content put into a game.

TAC: How does working on this game differ from other games some of you have worked on in the past?

Jeff Urmston: For me it’s a license that’s close to my heart. It’s a show I really love and am a big fan of, so really getting to do something that’s connected to my passion is awesome and is really evident from the rest of the team and how many really wanted to be a part of this project.

Steve Richardson: For me on the art side, what’s different on this project that was interesting is typically with a licensed product, we kind of work with what we have either from the film or the show. This one, we were actually able to create completely brand new content with the license for the game. So there’s animations in here of the characters that have never been seen before that we worked with FOX to create, so that was an awesome treat for me.

TAC: If you had to pinpoint one reason that makes you the most proud to have worked on this video slot what would it be and why?

Jeff Urmston: For me, one of the big series I’ve been working on is The Hangover. It was an awesome movie and I think what differentiates Family Guy is it’s a little closer to my heart. It’s a show that’s been going on for a very long time. I kind of get to work on a lot of the comedy projects here so it’s fun to stay in the environment of working on funny stuff.

Steve Richardson: It’s the opposite for me! I just came off of working on The Dark Knight and CSI. I had a lot of more serious roles and this was really refreshing to have a wealth of comedy go through there as opposed to explosions or dead bodies or things like that that I’ve had to deal with over the last couple of years. It’s easier to make a more entertaining experience with more lighthearted content and funnier brands. There’s something to say about ‘funny is money’. Having comedy definitely does take you to the next level.


Funny is money for you too, ya’ll! Try them out if you haven’t already at Caesars, Harrah’s Resort, Showboat and/or Bally’s! Perhaps you and Stewie can dominate together!

Wizard Of Oz Gamefield XD Video Slots Can Make You A Millionaire!

Ya’ll. The number of peeps in the millionaire club at Caesars Entertainment has increased to 411! That’s a lot of millionaires and more are being made every week it seems. We’re not even going to ask the question if you want to be one, cause we already know the answer, so we’re going to give you an option of how you can become one at Caesars Atlantic City, Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City, Showboat Atlantic City or Bally’s Atlantic City. Meet The Wizard Of Oz Gamefield XD by WMS Gaming.

Wizard Of Oz Gamefield XD

Dual screens! 32 inches each! Just like the iconic movie, this video slot encompasses both good and evil. On one side you have Emerald City full of Glenda The Good Witch Bonuses! These bonuses can pop up on any base game spin and can change symbols to WILD and/or can increase the number of symbols per reel (which could increase the number of WILDs per reel!). ANDDDD regardless, the number of symbols added per reel is a good thing because each one increases the number of Any Way paylines. Which is always a good thing. This whole shebang also occurs every time on the Free Spin Bonus. Not bad, huh? That’s a whole lot of bonuses at once.

Then you have the Emerald City Bonus.

Wizard Of Oz 1

The object here is to get these symbols as high as you can. You must pick an OZ symbol to advance up the screen or give you more credits. The higher up you go though, the better the award credits!

Then over on the evil side of things, The Haunted Forest, (but not really cause you still get bonuses), The Winged Monkey Bonus can too, be triggered on any base game spin. The Winged Monkeys takeover the screen and add WILD symbols to certain reel sets. This bonus can also be triggered on each Free Spin bonus with more WILDs added after each spin!

Wizard Of Oz 2

And the Hunted Forest Bonus round mimics the Emerald City bonus on the darker screen.


Fun, right?! And perhaps even more fun, you can become a millionaire on this game! Entertainment and the potential to become a millionaire, what’s not to like?! Tryout the Wizard Of Oz Gamefield XD at Harrah’s Resort, Caesars, Showboat and Bally’s if you haven’t already. You could be next! Check out our Millionaire Maker by Total Rewards page to find out how else you can be part of the club!

An Inside Look At The New SPIDER-MAN Video Slot Coming Soon To Caesars Entertainment Atlantic City Properties

This doesn’t happen often, but we have no words. Take a look at the new dual-array Spider-Man video slot game coming soon to Caesars Atlantic City, Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City, Showboat Atlantic City and Bally’s Atlantic City.


Is this not amazing looking? The game is complete with six “Spider Sense Features”: Pumpkin Bomb (all pumpkin symbols are turned into WILD symbols), Peter Parker WILD (all Peter Parker symbols are turned into WILD symbols), Super Multiplier (The choice is yours here: Spin the wheel to receive multipliers up to 30x or try your luck at the Goblin Battle Bonus that we will discuss in a bit), Super Scatter (Peter Parker, Mary Jane OR Green Goblin symbols will pay scatter) or WILD Transfer (WILD symbols on the first array will go to the second and vice versa).

And of course the bonus battle = The Goblin Battle. If the Green Goblin flies onto the screen and throws a pumpkin bomb, it’s on! If a bomb strikes the Green Goblin, Spider-Man gets a point and the same goes for the opposite scenario. If Spider-Man racks up the most points, you get two times your bonus win!

And all of this comes to life so much more as you soar along the journey in the Sensory Immersion 2.0 chair!

The game is slated to hit Harrah’s Resort next week and Caesars, Showboat and Bally’s the following week.  We caught up with game producer Steve Slotwinski (we know, the last name couldn’t be any more perfect) from WMS Gaming to get some “behind the scenes” info. It’s safe to say that Steve pretty much knows all three Spider-Man movies by heart. He admitted to us that he is now able to watch the trilogy in a 40 minute span. That takes skill, people! Check out the rest, below.


Spider-Man video slot


TAC: What was your favorite part of the process while creating this game?

Steve Slotwinski: For this one, we have a new product. We have a sensory immersion 2.0 chair that we used for the Spider-Man game. It’s a motion chair. Probably the best time making this game was finding clips that used the most motion and working to make that chair move the way that we wanted it to for those clips. A lot of our time was reviewing the movies; trying to find as many clips of Spider-Man doing some type of action: fighting or swinging or jumping from building to building and trying to incorporate that into a movement into a chair to literally make this game as action packed as possible. So we went through this entire process and found the clips that we wanted and we started adding motion to this chair through those clips. At first, we were throwing people out of the chair. I thought it was great, but we eventually had to tone it down from there. I set my bar high. I wanted to find that high point. It’s an action movie so you should have some action when you play this game. Nothing’s better than playing the game and having that interactive part with the player to completely immerse them into the game.

TAC: And after the research was finished, what were the steps of bringing it all together & bringing this game to fruition?

Steve Slotwinski: It’s pretty close to making a movie. We go through multiple story board options of what we want to happen; essentially story boarding base games and all of the bonus games and features. And when we have a good idea of what we want to do, we throw some math behind it to see what’s actually feasible and if it will actually be a fun game. Then from there, we take those story boards and give them to the artists. All of our artists are incredibly talented people and highly educated, and they make the game how they think it would look the best. We let them run with it for a little bit and from there we just build until we have something that is absolutely fantastic. That’s probably the most condensed version of what we do from start to finish.

TAC: How did you bring the popular characters from the movie into the game?

Steve Slotwinski: We have Toby Maguire, we have James Franco, Kirsten Dunst and William Dafoe. We wanted to incorporate the characters as much as possible. We tried to take whatever we could from the video clips. We took the clips that showcased them the best and threw them into the game and tried to find other bonuses or other types of wins or anything we could that accentuates them. It’s those types of little details that we try to bring into each game to make you feel like you’re actually playing Spider-Man. We don’t want everything to revolve around one character; we want it to revolve around the movie.

TAC: What about this game do you think will resonate with the players at Caesars Entertainment Atlantic City properties?

Steve Slotwinski: It’s gonna be a fun game to play. We’ve had people come here and test out the game and people who have played it before it’s gone to casino and they all sat down, they played a few games and got to a bonus round and got up and said that they didn’t even feel like they were playing a slot machine. They had so much fun playing it that it was almost like a completely different experience as opposed to a regular gambling experience. They were incredibly entertained and they loved that. They were willing to put more money in just to get to the other bonuses so that they could ride the ride and have fun with Spider-Man. That was probably one of the best pieces of feedback that we received so far. It opens up all these new doors. We’re not just making a slot machine anymore or a gaming device. Now we’re making a huge piece of entertainment that people love to play just because it’s that entertaining. I’m hoping to see lines of people waiting to play this game!

TAC: How was producing this game different than most of the other games you’ve worked on (like Wizard Of Oz: Journey To Oz, Price Is Right Plinko Jackpots and Colossal Reels Zodiac Sisters & Tritan’s Gold)?

Steve Slotwinski: This was my first time working with the sensory chair and it’s actually our second game using that chair. This is coming on the heels of Aladdin which was a beautiful ride. Having that license on this product literally allowed me to take that chair to the next level and use it as much as I possibly can.


There you have it, folks! Be on the look out for the Spider-Man video slot at Caesars Entertainment Atlantic City casinos soon! Be sure to check back and tell us what you think!