Top 5 Chocolate Covered Treats in Atlantic City

Happy Tuesday! Do you know why this excites us? Well, because it’s not just Tuesday. It’s National Chocolate Covered Anything day! That’s right!

It’s one of the few times of the year where consuming large amounts of chocolate is totally acceptable, so might as well cover everything and anything in it, right?! Check out some of our favorite chocolate covered treats you can get here in Atlantic City:

1. Chocolate Covered Donuts 

National Doughnut Day 3

To start your day off with a little choc-o-lata, a chocolate covered donut from Corner Cafe at Bally’s Atlantic City would do the trick! Not only is this one smothered in delicious chocolate icing, but the M&Ms give it a little extra goodness! We like it!


2. Chocolate Covered Pancakes

S'more Pancakes

If you prefer a more “substantial” breakfast if you will, the S’mores Pancakes from Sammy D’s at Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City might be your go-to for that first chocolate-y meal of the day! Not only are these beautiful buttermilk babies topped with melted chocolate chips, but also marshmallows, graham cracker bits and powdered sugar! Noms!


3. Cheesecake Challenge 

Guy Fieri's Chophouse Atlantic City

This extremely ginormous piece of heaven has chocolate covered pretzels AND chocolate covered potato chips bulging from every inch. And did we mention that they sit on a creamy, luscious piece of cheesecake?! And are covered in hot fudge? Nothing has ever tasted so glorious. Seriously. A must have, at least once in your life from Guy Fieri’s Chophouse at Bally’s.


4. Chocolate Covered Marshmallows 

Boardwalk Cupcakes Atlantic City

Or S’mores Pops if you want to get technical. There’s always an array of amazing chocolate covered delights at Boardwalk Cupcakes at Bally’s! What’s a great cupcake shop without them?!


5. Chocolate Covered Pretzel Martini 

Sammy D's Atlantic City

Some of you prefer to eat it and some of you prefer to drink it, and we’re okay with that! Mmm, mmm, good. Slurp one down (that one on the right) at Sammy D’s at Harrah’s Resort!


Now that we’ve introduced you to some chocolate covered faves in Atlantic City, it’s time for you to start eating…quick! Only 15 days until those New Years diets start up!

The Top 5 Cocktails at Guy Fieri’s Chophouse at Bally’s!

By now we all know that Guy Fieri’s Chophouse at Bally’s Atlantic City flaunts out-of-this-world menu items like the the Java Rubbed Ribeye Chop, famous Mac & Cheese Burger and decadent Triple Double Pie, but our expert 411 tells us that the original cocktails are just as outrageous and delicious! If you’ve sipped on one of the barrel aged or elixir blended creations, you know the real deal!

In no particular order, check out the 5 Top Cocktails at Guy Fieri’s Chophouse:


Not Your 8th Grade Punch

Guy Fieri Atlantic City 1

This cocktail is made to share, but trust us….there will be none of that! Made with Captain Morgan Rum, Kraken Rum and peach tea this drink is sweet and tasty. Don’t be fooled though, it packs a punch. No pun intended.


Kentucky Slide Car

Guy Fieri Atlantic City 2

Have you ever had a brandied cherry? Party in your mouth, peeps!  The Kentucky Side Car is made with Maker’s Mark Bourbon, Apple Brandy, Cointreau, lemon juice, and of course brandied cherries!


The Cadillac Margarita

Guy Fieri Atlantic City 3

The perfect marg! With ingredients like el Jimador Tequila, Grand Marnier and Cointreau, it definitely has bragging rights!


The CC Rider

Guy Fieri Atlantic City 4

Just like the beloved blues ditty, get into this liberating way of concocting a Bloody Mary – Rosemary infused simple syrup, Salt, Pepper, Onion powder, Tobasco, Worcestershire sauce, Horseradish, and Ginger…NO tomatoes! A bloodless Bloody Mary! Crazy! Taste is identical.


The Crazy Hagar

Guy Fieri Atlantic City 5

This is Guy Fieri’s twist on the classic Mojito.  This mojito is made with mint and lemon not lime, Sammy Hagar Rum and cucumber infused simple syrup to give it a fresh taste.


Get what we’re trying to say? Eat like you’ve never eaten before AND quench your cocktail cravings at Guy Fieri’s Chophouse at Bally’s! Stop in next time you’re ready to eat and drink Tuesdays through Sundays! For a special room rate with dining credit at Guy Fieri’s Chophouse in addition to Diamond Check In, Breakfast In Bed, Round of Drinks, entry into The Pool and a 1 p.m. late checkout, click here!

Caesars Atlantic City to Host Hell’s Kitchen Finale Event on 12/17

Caesars Atlantic City will host a Hell’s Kitchen finale event on Wednesday, December 17th at 8:00 p.m. in The Diamond Lounge.

Hell's Kitchen

Guests will have the chance to nosh on delicious dishes and meet the winner of Season 13 in person as the champion will win the rights to the head chef position of the new Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill opening in the lobby of Caesars in February 2015!

The new joint will offer authentic British pub cuisine with the occasional Jersey flair utilizing the area’s freshest ingredients and resources. Menu items include bangers and mash, fish and chips, roasted chicken and of course the famous Ramsay London Broil.

Also true to pub form, the beer will be a-flowin’ as the bar will act as the centerpiece of the restaurant. Get ready for a great, worldwide selection of craft and microbrews and choose from more than 30 beers on tap! Kegs will also play a huge role in dining experience and design.

Additionally, EDG Interior Architecture + Design will create additional spaces for a vintage-style lounge, a private dining room and numerous casual dining rooms decked in worn woods, traditional English telephone booth backdrops and historic pop culture wall relics. The patio of the current space will also expand well beyond it’s original size where guests will be able to experience the energy of Caesars Atlantic City like no other.

The December 17th Hell’s Kitchen finale event will surely kick off the Gordon Ramsay excitement of what’s to come in the following months!

Caesars will also be offering a special room rate of $59 this day should you choose to make a night of it! Click here to book.

The Diamond Lounge is located on the second floor of the Caesars casino between the Circus Maximus Theater box office and stairs leading up to Nero’s Chophouse and Sushi Bar. Hope to see you there rooting on your favorite Hell’s Kitchen finalist on December 17th!


***UPDATE*** After Wednesday night’s Hell’s Kitchen episode, it looks as if either Bryant, La Tasha, Sade or Jennifer will score a chef position at the new Gordon Ramsay Pub and Grill here at Caesars. Stop by to this event on December 17th and meet the champ along with another contestant from Season 13! Who do you think it will be?!

Oshi Sushi & Sake Is The New Go-To Foodie Destination at Harrah’s Resort

There’s a new stop for sushi lovers in Atlantic City. Sort of.

Atlantic City sushi 1

Oshi Sushi & Sake at Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City opened November 21st to rave reviews. Longtime fans of the city may remember this brand from the former Showboat Hotel in the space that was most recently occupied by Scarduzio’s Steak & Sushi Lounge, both of which featured the talented work of Chef Armiyanto “Harry” Setiyaki. So who better to own the new kitchen at Harrah’s Resort?

Atlantic City sushi 2

While Chef Harry’s resume includes working under famed sushi Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto, representing the United States in the 2014 World Sushi Cup, and serving as a member of the All-Japan Sushi Master Association, his authentic and beautiful artistry can be traced back to learning at the knee of his grandfather in Japan.

This is particularly evident in his featured Omakase platter, a six or eight-piece handcrafted dish comprised of the day’s freshest cuts flown in from all over the world.

Atlantic City sushi 3

Just LOOK AT THAT. Where can you find sushi so exquisite, tasty and fresh?! Chef Harry’s talent is absolutely, positively unmatched.

The menu at Oshi Sushi & Sake also consists of a handful of various starters from the Pepper Tuna Salad made with fresh seared Ahi, avocado, cucumber, daikon and seaweed salad to the Shishito Peppers served with miso dressing and crispy shallots, 10 gorgeous sushi rolls, and seven selections of sashimi or nigiri, 2 pieces a la carte. Then of course there’s the sake – TyKu Coconut, TyKu Black and TyKu White, along with beer and non-alcoholic options to wash it all down.

Take a look at some of the items, below:

Tuna Tartare

Atlantic City sushi 4

Massago, cucumber, jalapeno & crispy wonton chips.


Katana Roll

Atlantic City sushi 5

Avocado, Spicy Tuna, Cucumber, Seaweed & topped with Yellowtail.


Fujiyama Roll

Atlantic City sushi 6

Shrimp tempura & cucumber topped with Kani Salad.

Yum. And then some. Oshi Sushi & Sake at Harrah’s Resort is located at the former site of Temptations, adjacent to The Pool. Stop by any time from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays or 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Thursdays and Sundays.

How To Do Turkey The Vegetarian Way In Atlantic City

Hey Non-Carnivores, no need to feel left out yet again around this Thanksgiving holiday at Bally’s Atlantic City! You can still get your turkey in via an adorable turkey cupcake from Boardwalk Cupcakes!

Boardwalk Cupcakes 1

Enjoy yourself a vanilla and/or chocolate cupcake topped with red, yellow, orange and chocolate buttercream as your special “main dish” this year. No offense to the protein kind, but…this is our kind of turkey!

Take a look at Chef Kelly whipping one up right now!


Similarly, if the taste of pumpkin gets those gag reflexes going, Boardwalk Cupcakes also has a pumpkin treat available just for you!

Boardwalk Cupcakes 2

A pumpkin cupcake with orange and white buttercream frosting? Yes, please! Don’t you just want to take a big bite?

Check out how this one is created too:


Pretty cool, right?

Don’t forget to also please your tastebuds with other cupcakes full of fall colors and flavors from Boardwalk Cupcakes quickly before winter approaches.

Boardwalk Cupcakes 3

They still look delicious….and very edible, to us! Boardwalk Cupcakes at Bally’s is open Fridays and Sundays from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturdays from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m.! Taste Thanksgiving and fall in a different light!

The Top 5 Places To Stay Warm In Atlantic City

Feeling that chill in the air lately? Some of you more than others we’re sure as some of our friends in upstate NY could still be snowbound! Ooof. If you need a little more warmth in your life, Atlantic City has got it…and in the best of ways! Where else can you find fun, relaxation and cozy temperatures without spending a fortune?! Check out the top five best places to stay warm in Atlantic City, below.

1. The Hot Tubs at The Pool at Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City 

Atlantic City pools 1

Kind of obvious, perhaps, but it’s true! Sit back and warm up quick in your own secluded little paradise complete with palm trees and 82 degree temperatures outside of the water! These hot tubs at The Pool at Harrah’s Resort are the perfect place to revitalize tired and cold bones!

Click here to enjoy hot tub beverages with an overnight stay, Diamond check in, 2 passes to the Waterfront Buffet and a 1 p.m. late check out for just $73!


2. The Fire Pit at Continental at The Pier Shops at Caesars

Continental Atlantic City

Dine alongside a small, intimate fire at Continental at The Pier Shops at Caesars Atlantic City while indulging in tapas from all over the world! Thai, Korean, Italian, French, American, you name it! All personally served to your table in your cozy corner of AC. And don’t forget the signature martinis! Chic and comfort all in one perfect package.

Click here for complimentary offers at Continental along with an overnight stay, breakfast in bed, round of drinks at Toga Bar, shopping booklet for Tanger Outlets, shopping discounts from The Pier Shops, 1 p.m. Late Checkout and $150 worth of value coupons for just $99!


3. Under the Blankets of a Massage Table 

Atlantic City spas

How heavenly does that look? Ah, YES PLEASEEEE. Qua Baths & Spa at Caesars, Red Door Spa at Harrah’s Resort and The Spa & Salon at Bally’s at Bally’s Atlantic City can all rock your world and keep you soothed, happy and toasty with some Swedish techniques, hot stones, and the list goes on! Relax your muscles, reduce your stress and radiate some fabulous heat!

Click here to view our Spatacular packages.


4. The Stove Top of the Viking Cooking School 

Viking Cooking School Atlantic City

It’s true! These stove tops, grills and ovens can heat up QUICK at The Viking Cooking School at Harrah’s Resort and you can surely feel the heatwave while creating your very own gourmet meal per the instructions of master chefs! When you’re all fired up and your work is done at the stove, don’t forget to feast on your efforts in a private dining room and throwback a glass or two of vino. That’s sure to help keep away the cold too!


5. The Savage Men Male Strip Show at Dusk Nightclub

Savage Men

You know we had to throw in at least at least one kind of pun, right? But in all seriousness, the Savage Men Male Strip Show at Dusk Nightclub at Caesars will definitely bring that heat of a different kind. The kind that gets ya alllll worked up. But ya know what, there’s definitely not a frigid bone in your body when all this is going on in front of you. Lap dances, massages and fantasies played out all under one roof, ladies. Just some bachelors, lookin’ for some partners, ya’ll.

So if you’re looking for some heat, it’s worth venturing out of your house and to Atlantic City to get some before it’s too late and you’re stuck in a snow globe. There’s a whole other meaning to cabin fever at Caesars, Harrah’s Resort and Bally’s….and we like it! Get warm with us in the upcoming months!

Special $75 Caesars Atlantic City Package Now Available!

WE KNOW. It’s a busy time of year. You’re running around like a chicken with your head cut off. But honestly, what you really need is to just SLOW DOWN for ONE day. And Caesars Atlantic City has the perfect holiday getaway to fit this situation! We promise, it will do more good than anything!

For just $75, you can take advantage of a Caesars Atlantic City Escape that includes all of these amazing extras!

  • Luxury Accommodations
  • Complimentary Round of Drinks at Toga Bar
  • Breakfast In Bed ($30 value)
  • Entry for 2 to Qua Roman Baths & Spa ($100 value)

Book the Caesars Atlantic City Escape here.

And if you want us to break it down for you a little more and tell you why this is such a particularly awesome deal, indulge us and keep reading.

Atlantic City hotels 1

Luxury Accommodations: Kick back in a Premium or Deluxe Room, both beautifully decorated and specifically designed for your comfort. Four hundred to six hundred square feet of absolute coziness, relaxation and happiness!



Atlantic City bars 2

Complimentary Drinks at Toga Bar: Free drinks right in the center of the casino action?! Feel the excitement and let loose at Toga Bar! It’s time to really DO AC.



if i call you darling will you make me pancakes

The good folks at Caesars Atlantic City will!

Breakfast In Bed: Grab your coffee along with a pastry, bagel or breakfast sandwich at Cafe Tazza on your way out on us or stay in bed and work the room service menu to your liking for the most important meal of the day. Eat up!



Qua Baths & Spa

Entry for 2 to Qua Roman Baths & Spa: Relax and have the most spectacular spa experience of your life at Qua Baths & Spa! The best part: you get to hop into a Roman Bath after any service you receive there. The largest bath, the tepidarium, is filled with warm water that rejuvenates natural components of the skin. If you need to relax (or you are just old), the Caldarium (hot bath), is the one for you. It soothes tired muscles and joints. And if you need a jump start, take a dive (but not really) into the Frigidarium. Bathing in cold water invigorates the body and restores energy. It’s called Social Spa-ing, and it’s the only Atlantic City spa that does it!

So really, how can you say no to that? And for only $75! We’re telling you to take a load off during this holiday season. You deserve it! Book the Caesars Atlantic City Escape today and keep the “happy” in your holidays.




Eat, Drink & Be Merry with Holiday Shopping Packages from Caesars, Harrah’s Resort & Bally’s Atlantic City!

Whether you’re into it or not, holiday shopping season is here and we think that you should make this year’s shopping adventures as enjoyable as possible. How do you do that? Two ways.

1. Do your holiday shopping in Atlantic City

2. Book a holiday shopping room package from Caesars Atlantic City, Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City and/or Bally’s Atlantic City.

It’s time to kick back and take a load off after a fierce day of holiday shopping. Score a great deal and get more than you pay for! Check out how you can at each of your favorite Atlantic City hotels:


Caesars Holiday Shopping Package

Atlantic City shopping 3


Overnight Accommodations

Breakfast In Bed ($30 value)

Round of Drinks at Toga Bar

Shopping Booklet for Tanger Outlets

1 p.m. Late Checkout

$150 worth of value coupons to be printed at checkout

Shopping discounts at The Pier Shops

Discounts and complimentary offers at Buddakan, Continental and Phillips Seafood



Harrah’s Resort Holiday Shopping Package

Atlantic City shopping 1


Overnight Accommodations

Diamond Check In

2 Passes to the Waterfront Buffet

Poolside Beverage Credit

1 p.m. Late Checkout



Bally’s Holiday Shopping Package 

Atlantic City Shopping 2


Overnight Accommodations

Dinner at Guy Fieri’s Chophouse ($50 value)

Round of Drinks at Lobby Bar

Shopping Booklet for Tanger Outlets

1 p.m. Late Checkout

$150 of value coupons to be printed at check in

Shopping discounts at The Pier Shops

Discounts and complimentary offers at Buddakan, Continental and Phillips Seafood


Overnight stays, dinners, drinks, shopping vouchers and late checkouts in Atlantic City are sure to get you into the holiday spirit the RIGHT way, right?! Grab a holiday shopping package from Caesars, Harrah’s Resort or Bally’s today and be the happiest and most relaxed among your friends and family during this holiday frenzy!

Top Peanut Butter Treats to Try in Atlantic City During Peanut Butter Lovers Month

Do you just LOVE peanut butter? If you answered yes to that question, get your happy dance on! November is Peanut Butter Lovers Month and wouldn’t ya know it, Atlantic City has some of the tastiest peanut butter creations around! Check out our top 4:

The Velvet Elvis Cupcake

Boardwalk Cupcakes 3

The Velvet Elvis at Boardwalk Cupcakes at Bally’s Atlantic City is not only inspired from the favorite flavors of Elvis Presley, it also boasts the most amazing peanut buttercream between layers of banana cake and raspberry jelly filling. Yum. Seriously. (Click HERE for a great package that gives you two free cupcakes to Boardwalk Cupcakes along with upgraded overnight accommodations, Diamond Check In, dinner at Guy Fieri’s Chophouse, breakfast in bed, round of drinks at Lobby Bar, entry into The Pool and a 1 p.m. late checkout for just $152!)


Peanut Butter Gelato

Cafe Tazza

Here’s one sure fire way of eating something peanut butter by the spoonful without getting weird looks! It’s all the things you love about that peanut butter taste – creamy, delicious, and packed with chunks of peanut butter cup! Yes please! Get your scoop at Cafe Tazza at Caesars Atlantic City AND Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City! (For a good deal that includes a $20 credit to Cafe Tazza along with overnight accommodations, dinner for two, round of drinks, entry for 2 into Qua Baths and Spas and a late checkout for just $179 – click HERE!)


The Trailer Park Monte Cristo

Wild About Wings 1

That right there is Texas Toast stuffed with PB&J, Fresh Strawberries, AND crushed peanuts…(still going)…dipped in pancake batter…then deep fried and topped with powdered sugar. Not yo’ mama’s PB&J fo’ sho’. Get it at Wild About Wings at Bally’s, right next to the Mountain Bar!


Fluffernutter Waffle

Continental Atlantic City

By now we know you like peanut butter. Do you like waffles? How would you like your waffles smothered in peanut butter …along with some marshmallows, banana and nutella?! Yes, please! This heavenly food creation is available at Continental at The Pier Shops at Caesars! Weekends only!

If these heaping mounds of peanut buttery goodness don’t get you to Atlantic City, we don’t know what will! ;) And those are just some of the many good eats up for grabs at Caesars, Harrah’s Resort and Bally’s for lovers of the PB. Try them out during your next visit!

Plan Your 2014 Thanksgiving Meal with Caesars, Harrah’s Resort & Bally’s Atlantic City!

Thanksgiving is upon us, folks! And whether you’re planning to get gluttonous at home or right here in Atlantic City, Caesars Entertainment Atlantic City properties seriously have EVERYTHING you need.

get your fat pants ready

If you find yourself heading to AC a week or so before Turkey Day, keep in mind that you can also do some food prep in between pulling those slot levers! Bill’s Bar & Burger at Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City and Corner Cafe at Bally’s Atlantic City will be selling Thanksgiving pies and breads from November 20th to 27th! More specifically, pumpkin and apple pies for $12 and pumpkin, banana nut and zucchini breads for $8 each. A little bread for breakfast, a little pie for dessert. We like!

Not enough? You can also pick up your whole Thanksgiving dinner curbside at Bally’s on Wednesday, November 26th or from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the big day.


Choose from a Fried or Slow Roasted Turkey OR Virginia Ham entree, Mac N’ Cheese, Mashed Potatoes, Cornbread Stuffing, Green Beans, Candied Sweet Potatoes, Homemade Cranberry Sauce, Giblet Gravy and Sourdough Dinner Roll sides and Apple Pie or Pumpkin Pie for dessert! Meals are priced at $100 for four people, $175 for eight people and $250 for 12!

This alone is worth the trip to Atlantic City, huh?! Call 609-340-2644 to place your order. All orders must be placed by Tuesday, November 25th at 3 p.m.

And then of course there’s the 100% hassle free option of enjoying a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner at your favorite Caesars, Harrah’s Resort or Bally’s Atlantic City restaurant. Peruse the menus:


Nero’s Chophouse & Sushi Thanksgiving 2014

Café Roma Thanksgiving 2014

KWI Noodle Bar Thanksgiving 2014

Room Service Thanksgiving 2014

Palace Court Buffet will also be serving up Turkey, Ham, Stuffing, Candied Sweet Potatoes, Mashed Potatoes, Green Bean Casserole and seasonal desserts!


Harrah’s Resort 

The Steakhouse Thanksgiving 2014

Sammy D’s Thanksgiving 2014

Waterfront Buffet Thanksgiving 2014



Buca di Beppo Thanksgiving 2014 (buffet)

Guy Fieri’s Chophouse Thanksgiving 2014


To reiterate, get your fat pants ready! Caesars, Harrah’s Resort and Bally’s have your Thanksgiving feasts covered!