Catching up with Amy Lee Of Evanescence At The Tenacious D Show At House Of Blues Atlantic City

So Tenacious D performed an insanely awesome sold out show at House Of Blues Atlantic City at Showboat last night and one of the many reasons why it’s so cool to have such killer acts perform there is because sometimes other kick butt celebs stop by to see the show! Last night, we ran into none other than Amy Lee from Evanescence!

Rad, right? She’s such a down to earth, talented lady, so we absolutely had to ask her a few Q’s. Check out what she had to say, below.


TAC: What made you take a trip to Atlantic City for the Tenacious D show? Obviously their music is a little different from yours!

Amy Lee: First of all, I am an old school D fan. Since the cable show in the ‘90s, it’s pretty much this cult thing for every musician I’ve ever met. Even back then, I think musicians loved Tenacious D because number 1, it’s hilarious. Jack Black is amazing and of course KG. More importantly, I think the reason it’s so great is because the music is really good. They’re really extremely talented. The jokes are in the lyrics, but they’re doing all this awesome, complicated stuff that you kind of want to learn! It’s fun to listen to as a joke, but it’s also really catchy and really good. My brother is in town and we’re hanging out. It’s his favorite thing right now. It will be the very first Tenacious D show for both of us, so it’s going to be a highlight of the trip for sure.

TAC: Do you think you watch shows differently as an artist yourself compared to a regular fan?

Amy Lee: Maybe because I know what it is to be a performer. There’s a lot that I appreciate even in the little things. If Tenacious D’s music sucked, I don’t think it would be funny. It’s cool to watch because you’re watching someone do something really, really well, but also not take themselves too seriously. I think that’s kind of rare.

TAC: You were here not too long ago back in August with Evanescence for a stop on the Carnival Of Madness Tour. Do you have any particular memories of that show here at HOB?

Amy Lee: It was two nights in a row which is kind of weird because you have to trick yourself and tell yourself you’re performing for different people and that they didn’t’ see you do the exact same thing the night before. It was an absolutely good experience. We love going to the House Of Blues and hanging out in the Foundation Room. We play shows of all sizes. Sometimes on a tour, you get into the habit of playing similar sized venues and of course arena shows are amazing, but when you get to play the House Of Blues, it’s the perfect size.  You can see people and it feels like you’re in it with them. Sometimes people just turn into a sea when the crowd is too big and you feel kind of alone. I like the intimacy of a club show. We’ve had a lot of good memories at House Of Blues’ all over the country. I think when we were first touring in 2003 when our first album came out, New Orleans was the first House Of Blues that we ever played. It was so cool because we had never been to New Orleans before and there was so much travelling we were doing that year. It was all new to me. It was so exciting to walk down Bourbon Street and then go play the House Of Blues. House Of Blues’ and Evanescence have been friends for quite a while now. They’ve been a big part of our journey.

TAC: On Valentine’s Day, you put up a YouTube video of  “Lost In Paradise” made from a combination of fans’ and personal video footage from the Evanescence tour which you resumed right after Carnival Of Madness and this was kind of  a  keepsake from you guys to the fans from the tour. As an artist, do you share the same feelings that your fans do when a tour ends? Like sadness that it’s over but smile that it happened kind of thing?

Amy Lee: Absolutely. It’s bittersweet. By the end of a tour, we’re tired. It’s always more than a year. This one was like a year and three months. It’s really hard when you get into those final days and you think to yourself, ‘I could do this for another month. I’m really gonna miss it’. We ended our tour in the UK and it was this big, beautiful, packed show at Wembley. It was such a beautiful ending. We had been all over the world and played all these cool places. We love our fans so much. They’ve given us so many memories and have given me the fuel to go on in times where I wasn’t sure I could. It’s definitely a two-way relationship. We have support from people in a really cool way because they are connecting with music on a deep level. We don’t know each other personally necessarily. We may have never met, but there’s still a connection there when we’re at the show. I have fans in my heart that have become friends over the years. When we go visit them, it will bring a tear to my eye. I love doing what I do and I do miss the fans. Making that video was really cool because I thought that even if we didn’t release it, I just wanted to put it together and document it for myself because I always wanted to make a video for “Lost In Paradise”. We didn’t have the budget to make a big, giant old-school Evanescence video, but I’m really glad that we did this. It’s so touching, personal and real.

TAC: And you’ve been on a bit of a break since that tour ended in November. What have you been up to since then?

Amy Lee: Just diving into any creative project that my heart desires at the moment. When you’re on the road or promoting an album, the schedule is really rigorous. You have to follow the plan. I hate following the plan. That’s not the way I’m wired. If there’s a plan, I usually want to do exactly the opposite. It’s cool not having a plan because I’ll come up with some creative, crazy idea and I’ll just go do it. I’ve been painting, making a little bit of music for myself, just playing around. I’ve been going to a lot of concerts and spending time with family. That’s the most important thing and the thing you miss the most on the road.

TAC: What kind of shows have you been to? Anyone good?

Amy Lee: I found this new band opening for my friend’s band, The Lone Bellow, who I’m a big fan of. There was this other band who was opening for them called Lucius. It’s these two chicks; a dual-female lead, so we’re already off to a great start. I love female vocalists and I love female performers. They’re both equally the lead and they’re playing multiple instruments, and of course there’s a band behind them too. It’s this really interesting, cute music. And of course they had matching, vintage outfits which is also cool to me. The Lone Bellow and Lucius are who I’ve enjoyed going to see lately.

TAC: You are also currently a supporter of Aid Still Required, an organization aimed to help suffering women in Haiti. How did you become involved with this?

Amy Lee: One of the things about having people listen to you when you say something is that you should have something important to say. If there is something you can say that’s as simple as a tweet and spread awareness and help somebody somewhere, I think you should do it. That came up because that organization was trying to get some support and rally some attention for that cause, so I said of course. It doesn’t take a lot from me and if there’s any chance that I can help someone, I’m in.

TAC: We’ve been following you on twitter and you seem so normal in your every-day life.

Amy Lee: I’m not tweeting much! I feel kind of bad about it. When we’re on tour, I have something to say pretty much every day like come to the show or check out this picture from the show, or look at this fan. And when you’re off, I feel like it’s so self-involved. I think if I wasn’t in a band, then I probably wouldn’t have a twitter to begin with. I’m usually not the kind of person to be like ‘Check out my sandwich!’. I don’t expect anyone to care. I don’t care what you had for lunch. So it’s funny now that I’m off because I want to stay in touch with the fans, but I don’t think I have anything exciting enough going on.

TAC: You definitely seem to have a different vibe than the one you have on stage. How is on stage Amy different from every day Amy and how are they similar?

Amy Lee: I’m the same person, but I’m definitely not dark and dramatic in real life for the most part. I have that side, but I’m still that ‘90s alternachick looking for an antique Rainbow Bright toy because I’m still trying to complete my collection! I love music. First and foremost, it’s my ultimate passion, but I like to cook and hang out with people. I like to play music and generally do things that bring people together, but I love being alone and getting creative and being introspective too.

TAC: Awesome. Well enjoy your time here & the show! Do you have any fun plans after?

Amy Lee: Normally we would probably go backstage and hang out with the D, but I’m not sure what’s going to happen! I’ve actually never met them before. That’s where the super shy side of me comes in.


Rumor has it that Amy DID meet The D after the show so I’m sure she was super psyched about that….

Tenacious D


And we thank her for humoring us and being so cool about answering our burning questions.

So keep your eyes open the next time you check out a show at House Of Blues at Showboat Atlantic City. You never know who may be there!


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