Caesars Entertainment Atlantic City Conducts Hurricane Sandy Employee Outreach

Caesars Entertainment Atlantic City employees went to work today to help give back to colleagues affected by Hurricane Sandy. Those in need were provided with warm blankets, water, PB&J, loaves of bread, soda, juice, Graham Snackers, rice, pasta, sauce, you name it! Keep checking back to find out information regarding other positive relief efforts aiding the local community.

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DETAILS:     Caesars Entertainment Atlantic City, the region’s leading casino, entertainment & resort company, whose portfolio includes Caesars, Harrah’s Resort, Bally’s, Showboat and the Atlantic City Country Club,  officially opened its doors at 2pm on Friday, November 2, 2012, following Hurricane Sandy.  Nearly 12,000 employees work at the four Caesars Entertainment casinos closed by Hurricane Sandy.

Beginning at 1pm today, Caesars Entertainment Atlantic City “HERO’s” began distributing items of need to the many employees and families in the region, affected by the storm.

Below is a brief summary of the initiatives and assistance being provided:


Establishment of “Sandy Central” (Employee Assistance Center)

  • We have created a hotline and a centralized location where employees can report their need for assistance.  Members of our Human Resources team will be on-hand to gather information and provide assistance to cover the most pressing needs whether it be housing, food, clothing or more.


Walk-In: 1809 Human Resources Building; First Floor


Sandy Central Hotline: 609-236-6620


Hours of Operation

  • Beginning at 8am each day.


Temporary Employee Housing

  • We are providing temporary housing to employees who have a very immediate need for a place to stay.  The following criteria apply:
    • House is uninhabitable
    • House is located in an area that remains evacuated
    • You or your family face a significant health and safety concern by staying in the existing house
    • These employees and their families have access to the Employee Dining Room during this time.


Area Purveyors List of Donations for Caesars Entertainment Families in Need:


  • Premium Waters
    • 4 Pallets (480 cases) of 10oz. water bottles.


  • South Jersey Paper Supply
    • 10 Cases of Paper Cups
    • 10 Cases of Disposable Plates
    • 10 Cases of Cutlery Kits (Napkin, Fork, Knife, Spoon)


  • Zep Industries
    • 600 Bottles of Hand Sanitizer


  • Gelmarc Distributors
    • 5 Cases of Sandwich Bags
    • 10 Cases Cutlery Kits (Napkin, Fork, Knife, Spoon)
    • 6 Cases of Foam Cups
    • 6 Cases of Foam Plates
    • 3 Cases of ¼ Fold Lunch Napkins


  • US Foodservice
    • 30 Cases Rice (12/24oz)
    • 10 Cases Dry Pasta (20/1LB)
    • 5 Cases Dry Pasta (24/1LB)
    • 100 Cases Spaghetti Sauce (6/#10 Cans)
    • 50 Cases Sliced Wheat Bread (8/3LB)
    • 100 Cases of Sliced White Bread (10/2LB)
    • 10 Cases of Tuna (24/5oz)
    • 10 Cases of Tuna (24/3oz)
    • 25 Cases of Graham Snack Peanut Butter & Jelly (150/2oz)
    • 10 Cases of PC Peanut Butter
    • 10 Cases of PC Jelly


  • Courtesy Products
    • 240 Each Men’s Deodorant
    • 240 Each Women’s Deodorant
    • Around 200 -Toothbrushes
    • Around 200 – Toothpaste


  • Pepsi CO
    • Juices and soft drinks.


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