The Top 5 Costumes Seen At The Pool After Dark at Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City!

Though it is a Wet N’ Wild Wednesday at The Pool After Dark at Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City today, we wanted to give you the 411 on an extra, extra special Wet N’ Wild Wednesday to mark all up on your calendar.

The Pool’s Halfway To Halloween Bash with fab host Ashanti, will take place NEXT Wednesday, April 30th. So you better start getting those costumes ready!

We’ve seen a slew of amazing (and some not so much) costumes grace this Atlantic City nightclub over the years and we wanted to share some of the best with you. You know, just so you have something to measure your costume making progress against! Ya’ll will soon see what big shoes you have to fill next week!

We know you can do it! Check out the Top 5 Best Costumes Seen At The Pool After Dark:

5.  Candy Buttons on Paper Tape

Atlantic City nightclubs 1

Remember these gems?! Super creative, yet not too difficult to put together. Fun Fact: These little candies first came onto the scene in the 1930′s! Who knew?! Old school is always a good costume go-to.

4. Free Breathalyzer Test 

Atlantic City nightclubs 2

What?! LOLz. Nice way to play up the party atmosphere and add a little humor while you’re at it!

3. Kissing Booth 

Atlantic City Nightclubs 3

Here’s one way to get yourself some action! Plan a costume theme around it. Points.

2. Macho Man Randy Savage 

Atlantic City  Nightclubs 4

Down to a t! Complete with props. Seriously, props for the props.

1. Jamaican Bobsled Team 

Atlantic City Nightclubs 5

And here we have the winner of the latest costume contest to date! The Jamaican Bobsled Team! A classic!

Now that you’ve seen these winners, what will yours be?! Be at The Pool After Dark at Harrah’s Resort next Wednesday for the Halfway To Halloween Bash featuring a performance by Ashanti! Entry into the megaclub is free before midnight, after that $10! Get tickets in advance here. Doors open at 10!

How You Can Qualify For A Spot In The WSOP National Championship at Bally’s Atlantic City This May!

The new World Series Of Poker Room at Bally’s Atlantic City is about to get true to its name, folks! The WSOP National Championship will take place right there on May 22nd to 24th.

WSOP National Championship

One to two hundred of the country’s best poker players will duke it out for a coveted WSOP gold bracelet and share of $1 million!

To qualify for this event, most must rack up the most points for a “large bid” at circuit tournaments being held in North Carolina, Iowa, Philly, Colorado and NOLA. If you’re having trouble doing this, listen up!

Four winners will also be selected online via! Two winners will come from online free roll tournaments on – one for Nevada (5/10) and one for New Jersey (5/17). All ya gotta do to qualify is make a deposit this  month, so…get crackin’! The other two online champs will come from the Knockout Series Championships also hosted on (again, one for Nevada, one for the Jerze) that will run from April 20th to May 3rd. All you have to do for this one is enter one of the nightly tournaments. At the end, the 14 winners will go head to head in the Knockout Series Championships Freeroll on May 4th.  Get it!

And if you suck at life and miss ALL of that, get your booty to Bally’s Atlantic City May 19th and/or May 20th. A Live Tournament Freeroll will go down on May 19th at 6 p.m. while a Two-Limit Hold ‘Em Tournament will happen on May 20th. Winner from this one gets the majority of the $1,125 pot and a spot in the mac daddy of tourneys.

(Psst – for planning purposes, click here to book a special $39 Bally’s weekday poker rate!).

Big wig players are of course eligible to buy-into the Championship for $10,000 based on WSOP gold bracelet performances within the past two years.

Boo-yah. And if all else fails, the WSOP Championship at Bally’s will be televised on ESPN. So get your poker faces on and get to it! We want to see you at The WSOP Room at Bally’s this May! Click here to learn more about the room and good luck!


Happy Dyngus Day From Caesars Entertainment Atlantic City

Happy Dyngus Day!

What the heck are you talking about, Total AC Blog?! We always knew you were weird. (Probably even weirder now that we are legit asking ourselves questions and answering them).

Anyway, yes. Happy Dyngus Day. Dyngus Day is a day for boys to meet girls. This can not happen any day but today apparently. According to the credible source of, “When exploring the roots of Dyngus Day, Historians point to the baptism of Polish Prince Mieszko I in 966 A.D. Baptism with water signifies cleansing, fertility, and purification.”

And Dyngus Day was born, folks. In honor of this amazing holiday, we wanted to give you the Top Dyngus Spots at Caesars Entertainment Atlantic City.

Caesars Atlantic City


Dusk Nightclub. I see you baby, shakin’ that thang….


Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City

Pool After Dark

The Pool After Dark. Lots of boys and girls have met here. Some even make the news! You can also meet celebrity boys and girls here. Sometimes Caesars Entertainment Atlantic City even makes it easy for you to do this by winning our SMS text to win meet and greets! Opt in at The Pool!


Showboat Atlantic City

House Of Blues Music Hall

House Of Blues Atlantic City, baby! Nothing says hey girl, nice to meet you like a good mosh pit. The couple that moshes together, stays together.


Bally’s Atlantic City

Jim Beam Wild West Bar

Mountain Bar is the most affordable way ever to meet a lady, fellas. A 24 hour happy hour with $2 drafts, $2 shots and $3 bottles. Buy her a drink or two, won’t kill ya!

Now that we showed you where they’re at, get to it!

IGT’s MONOPOLY Plus & More Now Ready To Play On

Don’t have time to head to Caesars Atlantic City for some Atlantic City casino action? No problem! One of your favorite slot games is now available to play on…drum roll please…MONOPOLY Plus by IGT!

You know, the one where you roll the dice, move around the famous board with your favorite childhood game piece and make your way into amazing bonus features like the Mystery WILD Bonus, Board Bonus and Level Up Plus feature!

monopoly plus

We were lucky enough to chat with lead game designer Scott Caputo last week and learned everything we need to know before playing this game. Read the interview, below.

TAC: What was your exact role in the design of this game?

Scott Caputo: I was the lead designer. In our studio, a game designer has two functions. Both design the overall play experience: how many bonuses, what kind of bonuses, and what the features of the game will be. The game designer also develops the math behind all of these features.

TAC: Monopoly Plus is advertised as featuring “social gaming techniques” to entice players. What are some examples of these?

Scott Caputo: That is our Level Up Plus feature. As the player plays the bonus, they gain Monopoly money and if they gain enough Monopoly money, then they level up. Leveling up gives you several benefits. It unlocks more content, extra movers, and extra features. These extra features permanently increase the players pay back percentage. As far as we know, this has never been done before. We were the first. People really like this. You get a title with it. When we looked at the data we found that there were not only players that reached the top level, but had maxed out the meter!

TAC: That sounds like something ya’ll could get into, right? For players who may be unfamiliar with this game, what favorite elements from the board game did you bring to life in the slot?

Scott Caputo: I think people will find that the board bonus is very faithful to the game. You get a certain number of rolls and it is exactly the same board that you would find in the game. Different fun things happen when you land on properties and utilities or railroads. The things that can happen for you are all good.

Our twist compared to other Monopoly games is when you land on a property, it brings up a little mini, three reel slot and what this does is that it gives the player a lot of variety in the rewards they can get. We’ve done other Monopoly games in the past with board bonuses and sometimes the experience was a little flat, so we wanted to try to fix that and make it even better. So in our Monopoly game, depending on what side of the board you are on, there’s a different mini, three reel slot that appears and they get richer, kind of how the properties get richer in Monopoly as you go around the board.

TAC: Why do you think this game is a favorite among players?

Scott Caputo: For a lot of players, it’s the board game that they remember growing up. There’s an incredible nostalgia for this game. Whether people play it now or not they still have fond memories of playing it at home with their families and we really do try to give that nostalgia feel in our game. We definitely try to play up on that for sure.

In the board bonuses, you have the opportunity to choose your piece. Everyone has their own favorite token that they like whether it’s the dog or the hat and one of the things you can unlock as you level up in the game is extra movers. These movers don’t appear in the board game, but they are pretty fun! Players really like seeing these other movers. Monopoly over time has introduced many different kinds of movers and it’s a big part of the game. Having your own piece that’s kind of neat is fun to play with.

One of the other things that people love is Mr. Monopoly and one of the other features of the game is where Mr. Monopoly appears. He moves left and then he moves right, he turns a wheel WILD and then he moves again, but he fakes you out. You don’t really know how many reels he is going to turn WILD. He can turn all five reels WILD. I think players really like that.

TAC: What was your favorite part in the design process?

Scott Caputo: It was really fun to figure out what those new features should be for the Level Up Plus. As I mentioned, there are some new pieces of the board game that players can unlock. One of the features in there is the Express Train which allows you to move faster around the board. One of the reviewers said that our board bonus had the Express Train just like the real board game. It obviously seemed to fit in with it because they thought it was part of the original game! I thought that was pretty funny and I liked hearing that.

One of the other features is Hot Property where Mr. Monopoly puts on a fire fighter hat and one where you can unlock a mini slot machine on the board and whatever your token is becomes one of the symbols on that slot machine. It was fun because you feel like you had a hand in creating the slot machine because your symbols are the ones being shown.

It balances a lot of things. There’s high entertainment, but then you really feel like wins are possible. It has a good balance that way.

TAC: How did working on this game differ from other games you have worked on?

Scott Caputo: This was certainly one of the longest development cycles. The Level Up Plus game is you start with a game and pretty much have to add almost half of a game for the players to unlock. You have to have a great game to start with and extra features on top of that. It definitely takes longer to develop but it’s totally worth it.

We think so too! So if you can’t get to Caesars AC, you can at least head over to! The good thing is that you can start playing RIGHT NOW! What are you waiting for?! MONOPOLY Plus (and other IGT favorites like Kitty Glitter, Cleopatra and more) are ready for you!

Jay Leno Talks Atlantic City, The Tonight Show, Stephen Colbert & More Exclusively with Total AC Blog!

“Ladies and gentlemen, Jay Leno”…some of America’s favorite words. You might not be able to hear it every Monday – Friday night anymore, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hear it at all! The beloved The Tonight Show host hit the road after his departure and has been making stops at cities near you ever since!

jay leno

Lucky for us, Jay will be bringing his stand-up show to Caesars Atlantic City next Friday! On a not-so-lucky note, the show is already sold out so….you better have tickets! If not, we can only hope this interview with Total AC Blog will suffice until your next opportunity to see Jay Leno arises.

We had to provide audio clips for some of Jay’s answers because reading them on a computer screen just wouldn’t have been right. So please excuse this blogger’s voice…and laughing…it’s Jay Leno after all, people…what do you expect?

Read up, below!

TAC:  We are excited for you to come back to Atlantic City next week! What are some of your best memories from performing in Atlantic City in the past?

Jay Leno

TAC: Is there anything that the audience will take from this particular stand-up show that they have never seen from you on television?

Jay Leno: I was a stand–up comedian before, during The Tonight Show and after The Tonight Show, it’s what I like to do. The Tonight Show was fun because you do new jokes in the same place every night and on the road it’s fun because you do the same jokes in a different place every night. Sometimes you write a joke and you say it on The Tonight Show and it’s fun because a story just broke and you have the first joke out there about it, but then after you say to yourself I could have done this, I could have added to this, but you’ve already done the joke so you have to move on. Most of the jokes I did on The Tonight Show were pretty disposable. They had to do with the news that day or that week where you can be a bit more evergreen when you do a live show. Instead of telling a ten second story, you can make it last, flesh it out and work on it, and take a few days to get it right.

TAC: We all had our own emotions while watching your last show. What is the first thought that runs through your mind when you think of that night?

Jay Leno: It was a lot of fun. You have to know when it’s time to go and that’s really what it is. We were lucky that we were able to keep the show at number one for 22 years and that was fun, but now when you’re talking to the 25 year-old supermodel, you’re the creepy, old guy! So you say let’s move on from that and that’s pretty much where it is. You can pretend you are familiar with all the music and everything else, but you’re not. You do what you know.

TAC: Do you catch The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon often?

Jay Leno: Oh yeah! For the first month we talked every couple days and now I talk to him maybe two or three times a month. It’s fun.

TAC: Besties. :) A lot of the most recent news to surface about you has been you “breaking your silence” about David Letterman’s retirement and successor.

Jay Leno: I was never silent and I never broke any silence. A guy asked me what’s going on with you and David? And I said oh, we’re going to do The Sunshine Boys on Broadway, just a silly joke. And then he said to me – is there anyone else good out there? And I said there are a lot of good people out there. I watched it on the video! I said there are a lot of good people out there. Then I pick up the paper: Leno says there are no good people out there! That’s not what I said at all! It’s obvious on the tape what I said. And there’s no silence. (laughs) I talk about it any time anybody asks me!

TAC: Good because…we’re going to ask you about it right now! What do you think about the final decision – Stephen Colbert? (You heard it here first, people….and we don’t twist words!).

Jay Leno: I think he’ll be really good. He’s smart. He’s coming out at a good time because it will be the beginning of the next political season and I think he’ll be really funny! He’s smart, he’s clever, he’s got a good work ethic, he’s not a scandal guy, he’s not a guy that will be getting into trouble. He’ll do the work. He’s really funny and really bright.

TAC: A lot has been discussed about your relationship with other comedians and this and that, but if you had to be stuck in a room/elevator/whatever with a group of people, who would your crew be?

Jay Leno: Seinfeld! Jerry’s really good. Kathleen Madigan, there’s a lot of good comics out there! I’m pretty amenable with anyone, really.

TAC: We like it! What is your first memory of making someone laugh?

Jay Leno

TAC: Speaking of you as a child, what were you like as a kid?

Jay Leno: My dad was very loud and Italian and my mom was very Scottish and quiet. My mom would always say is it time to be funny or a time to be serious? I never knew what the time to be serious was, it never seemed to come along!

And we’re glad it never came along since he’s been making so many laugh for years!

Mr. Leno will take the stage at The Circus Maximus Theater at Caesars next Friday, April 25th at 9:00 p.m.

Lesson Of The Day: When Jay Leno comes to town, get your tickets quick!