Five Ways To Battle the After Thanksgiving Meal Bulge in Atlantic City

So you’re spending Thanksgiving at Caesars Atlantic City, Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City or Bally’s Atlantic City OR you’re heading to AC for some fun right after the holiday, perfect! Right now you’re probably super excited and looking forward to a couple well deserved days off of work as well as all that good food, football, food and more food. ‘Tis the season, after all.

However, after all is said and done, the gluttony subsides and the bloating increases, some feelings of regret might set in such as- should I really  have had that second piece of pie? Will I be able to fit in my pants tomorrow? I’m so disgusting, I’m not eating again for days. And guess what? We don’t want you to feel that way, folks! And there are some great activities that you’ll be able to do this upcoming weekend in Atlantic City that will squash those feelings and halt that growing stomach!

Take a look at five ways to battle the after Thanksgiving meal bulge in Atlantic City:

1. Water Aerobics at The Pool at Harrah’s Resort 

The Pool at Harrah's 2

Hit the ground (or in this case, water) running on November 28th and start your Friday after Thanksgiving with a little Water Aerobics at The Pool at Harrah’s Resort! Certified instructors will lead you through an hour-long, fun water aerobic adventure that will work each muscle group while at simultaneously help balance and eliminating joint stress! These classes are actually available every Monday through Friday at The Pool (9 a.m. to 10 a.m. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday and 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Tuesdays). Jump in and get on it!


2.Get Your Black Friday On 

The Pier Shops at Caesars

Not only does shopping bring happiness, it burns calories! The Pier Shops at Caesars Atlantic City boasts 464,000 square feet of endless shopping pleasure! Score the best deals from some of your favorite high end retailers like Tiffany & Co., Gucci and Burberry and/or purchase unique items you can’t find anywhere else like The World’s Largest Gummy Worm at IT’SUGAR or one-of-a-kind, handmade clothing (and more) items from the Jersey Shore’s own White Lotus Boutique.


3. Walk The Boards 

Atlantic City boardwalk

You are at the shore, after all! Take a step outside of Caesars or Bally’s Atlantic City and take advantage of one of the city’s best assets! Enjoy the crisp air, feel the sun on your face and stroll off that Thanksgiving dinner on this historic site! (Psst – if you stop for taffys or fudge along the way, your secret is safe with us. ;) ).


4. Just Dance 

Atlantic City clubs

Nightclub cardio, anyone? Lady Gaga really said it best. Just dance! It’s the most fun way to show your turkey tummy who’s boss! Get down with your bad self at Aqua Fridays at The Pool After Dark this Friday night or The Belvedere Red Bash with guest DJ Sky Nellor on Saturday. Additionally, DJ A-Rock will be taking over the ones and twos at Dusk Nightclub at Caesars on Friday and Resident DJ Sat-One will follow suit on Saturday night. The hits will be cranking from the marina to the boardwalk! Get that body moving!


5. Hit The Gym 

Atlantic City spas 1

And if you’re into the most obvious, old fashioned way of not feeling fat, hit the gym! Particularly, The Spa & Salon at Bally’s features a very nice state of the art fitness center consisting of cardio equipment, a weight room and basketball and raquetball courts! Take an hour max to get your fitness on during your post Thanksgiving stay in Atlantic City. You’ll be glad you did!

Balance out your eating with one of these body moving Atlantic City activities this Turkey Day at Caesars,Harrah’s Resort and/or Bally’s Atlantic City for a truly healthier and happier you! Like the old saying goes, everything in moderation! We agree!


The Top 5 Places To Stay Warm In Atlantic City

Feeling that chill in the air lately? Some of you more than others we’re sure as some of our friends in upstate NY could still be snowbound! Ooof. If you need a little more warmth in your life, Atlantic City has got it…and in the best of ways! Where else can you find fun, relaxation and cozy temperatures without spending a fortune?! Check out the top five best places to stay warm in Atlantic City, below.

1. The Hot Tubs at The Pool at Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City 

Atlantic City pools 1

Kind of obvious, perhaps, but it’s true! Sit back and warm up quick in your own secluded little paradise complete with palm trees and 82 degree temperatures outside of the water! These hot tubs at The Pool at Harrah’s Resort are the perfect place to revitalize tired and cold bones!

Click here to enjoy hot tub beverages with an overnight stay, Diamond check in, 2 passes to the Waterfront Buffet and a 1 p.m. late check out for just $73!


2. The Fire Pit at Continental at The Pier Shops at Caesars

Continental Atlantic City

Dine alongside a small, intimate fire at Continental at The Pier Shops at Caesars Atlantic City while indulging in tapas from all over the world! Thai, Korean, Italian, French, American, you name it! All personally served to your table in your cozy corner of AC. And don’t forget the signature martinis! Chic and comfort all in one perfect package.

Click here for complimentary offers at Continental along with an overnight stay, breakfast in bed, round of drinks at Toga Bar, shopping booklet for Tanger Outlets, shopping discounts from The Pier Shops, 1 p.m. Late Checkout and $150 worth of value coupons for just $99!


3. Under the Blankets of a Massage Table 

Atlantic City spas

How heavenly does that look? Ah, YES PLEASEEEE. Qua Baths & Spa at Caesars, Red Door Spa at Harrah’s Resort and The Spa & Salon at Bally’s at Bally’s Atlantic City can all rock your world and keep you soothed, happy and toasty with some Swedish techniques, hot stones, and the list goes on! Relax your muscles, reduce your stress and radiate some fabulous heat!

Click here to view our Spatacular packages.


4. The Stove Top of the Viking Cooking School 

Viking Cooking School Atlantic City

It’s true! These stove tops, grills and ovens can heat up QUICK at The Viking Cooking School at Harrah’s Resort and you can surely feel the heatwave while creating your very own gourmet meal per the instructions of master chefs! When you’re all fired up and your work is done at the stove, don’t forget to feast on your efforts in a private dining room and throwback a glass or two of vino. That’s sure to help keep away the cold too!


5. The Savage Men Male Strip Show at Dusk Nightclub

Savage Men

You know we had to throw in at least at least one kind of pun, right? But in all seriousness, the Savage Men Male Strip Show at Dusk Nightclub at Caesars will definitely bring that heat of a different kind. The kind that gets ya alllll worked up. But ya know what, there’s definitely not a frigid bone in your body when all this is going on in front of you. Lap dances, massages and fantasies played out all under one roof, ladies. Just some bachelors, lookin’ for some partners, ya’ll.

So if you’re looking for some heat, it’s worth venturing out of your house and to Atlantic City to get some before it’s too late and you’re stuck in a snow globe. There’s a whole other meaning to cabin fever at Caesars, Harrah’s Resort and Bally’s….and we like it! Get warm with us in the upcoming months!

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year To Get Spatacular in Atlantic City!

The popular Atlantic City Spa Week, Spatacular, will be back in full swing again this year from December 7th to 12th! Pamper yourselves with $60 treatments from three spas – Qua Baths & Spa at Caesars Atlantic City, Red Door Spa at Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City and The Spa & Salon at Bally’s at Bally’s Atlantic City – in one week! Have you always wanted to try out a particular treatment? This is the time! Take a look at the specific offerings:

Qua Baths & Spa (December 7 – 12) 

Qua Baths & Spa

Express Massage (25 minutes)

Good For: Relaxation, circulation & reducing stress and fatigue.


Organic Express Facial (25 Minutes)

Good For: Exfoliating the skin with natural ingredients and extractions.


Sugar Scrub (25 Minutes)

Good For: Exfoliating and hydrating the skin.



(Note: This offer is available for Premium Rooms only. Please select a Premium room type to book).



Red Door Spa (December 8 – 12) 

Red Door Spa

Time Saver Facial (25 Minutes)

Good For: Toning and hydrating skin.


Time Saver Massage (25 Minutes)

Good For: Releasing tension in back, neck and shoulders.


Warm Cream Manicure (25 Minutes)

Good For: Hydrating and exfoliating nails.


Time Saver Pedicure (25 Minutes)

Good For: Cuticle detailing, food smoothing and looking pretty.


Warm Cream Pedicure (25 Minutes)

Good For: Moisturizing feet and legs and smoothing calluses.


Milk & Honey Sugar Body Glow (25 Minutes)

Good For: Hydrating and softening skin.


Olive Oil Salt Body Glow (25 Minutes)

Good For: Exfoliating and hydrating skin with natural products.



(Note: This offer is only applicable for Marina Tower rooms. Please select a Marina Tower option to book).



The Spa & Salon at Bally’s (December 7 – 12)

Atlantic City spas 1

Swedish Massage (50 Minutes)

Good For: Soothing, relaxation and revitalization.


Bally’s Classic Facial (50 Minutes)

Good For: Cleansing, exfoliating and extracting.


Classic Scrub (50 Minutes)

Good For: Re-hydrate and smoothing skin.


Manicure & Mini Pedicure (50 Minutes)

Good For: Filing, shaping and adding COLOR!




So who will be making a trip to Atlantic City somewhere between December 7th and 12th? You? Yeah. That’s what we thought! Let us know in the comments section what treatment you are looking forward to from Qua Baths & Spa at Caesars, Red Door Spa at Harrah’s Resort or The Spa & Salon at Bally’s!

Laughter & Relaxation = The Best Medicine at Harrah’s Resort This December!

Laughter is the best medicine. If I didn’t laugh, I’d cry. You all know the old adages, but what is it about laughter that makes it the absolute best? In the case of Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City this December, it’s because you can get it combined with overnight accommodations and 2 passes to the Waterfront Buffet for just $93!

That’s right, you’ll be able to catch two of America’s most favorite comedians, Tom Arnold and Paul Reiser on December 4th and 11th respectively at The Concert Venue for a night of perfect funnies and with the ever so popular Thursday Night Show package you can do this (get 2 show tickets) for just $93 along with a fabulous meal at Waterfront Buffet and a comfy bed at your favorite Atlantic City hotel.

Atlantic City shows

Can we just say that Tom Arnold has come a long way since Roseanne, True Lies and The Best Damn Sports Show Period?! He’s a dad and looking fabulous! Click here to read an interview we did with him back in March when he was visiting our sister property of Harrah’s Philadelphia.

Meanwhile, Paul Reiser has been back in the stand up game lately as well as some television and the most film he has done in years! One of our top Paul Reiser jokes is this one: “The most rewarding part about being a dad is just looking at children who didn’t exist at some point. The first time you saw them, they were the size of a quarter in a sonogram, and now they can pour orange juice and yell at each other”.

We can’t stop laughing!! Seriously! Why NOT make yourself laugh until you cry for a great price in the midst of a crazy season? It beats running around like a chicken with your head cut off! So click here to book the Thursday Show Package and give yourself a much deserved break.

Let the good times roll this December at Harrah’s Resort! We should never forget to laugh!


Eat, Drink & Be Merry with Holiday Shopping Packages from Caesars, Harrah’s Resort & Bally’s Atlantic City!

Whether you’re into it or not, holiday shopping season is here and we think that you should make this year’s shopping adventures as enjoyable as possible. How do you do that? Two ways.

1. Do your holiday shopping in Atlantic City

2. Book a holiday shopping room package from Caesars Atlantic City, Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City and/or Bally’s Atlantic City.

It’s time to kick back and take a load off after a fierce day of holiday shopping. Score a great deal and get more than you pay for! Check out how you can at each of your favorite Atlantic City hotels:


Caesars Holiday Shopping Package

Atlantic City shopping 3


Overnight Accommodations

Breakfast In Bed ($30 value)

Round of Drinks at Toga Bar

Shopping Booklet for Tanger Outlets

1 p.m. Late Checkout

$150 worth of value coupons to be printed at checkout

Shopping discounts at The Pier Shops

Discounts and complimentary offers at Buddakan, Continental and Phillips Seafood



Harrah’s Resort Holiday Shopping Package

Atlantic City shopping 1


Overnight Accommodations

Diamond Check In

2 Passes to the Waterfront Buffet

Poolside Beverage Credit

1 p.m. Late Checkout



Bally’s Holiday Shopping Package 

Atlantic City Shopping 2


Overnight Accommodations

Dinner at Guy Fieri’s Chophouse ($50 value)

Round of Drinks at Lobby Bar

Shopping Booklet for Tanger Outlets

1 p.m. Late Checkout

$150 of value coupons to be printed at check in

Shopping discounts at The Pier Shops

Discounts and complimentary offers at Buddakan, Continental and Phillips Seafood


Overnight stays, dinners, drinks, shopping vouchers and late checkouts in Atlantic City are sure to get you into the holiday spirit the RIGHT way, right?! Grab a holiday shopping package from Caesars, Harrah’s Resort or Bally’s today and be the happiest and most relaxed among your friends and family during this holiday frenzy!