Prepping For The 2014 Atlantic City Food And Wine Festival Clam Bake: A Lobster Describes Its Journey From Pot To Clam Bake

Hi, i’m a lobster. What, you don’t believe me?

Atlantic City Food And Wine Festival

See. I’m a lobster. What up? One who is about to take the plunge into a hot pot of boiling water for a Clam Bake. Eeek! Just  like the one that will soon go down at the 2014 Atlantic City Food And Wine Festival with Marcus Samuelsson.

I get to hang out a little bit before someone like you decides my fate (but seriously…I’m okay with it…what good can I really do in the world? I’m a lobster. And for that, I’m a giver.). I get to watch others take the ultimate risk as ingredients for a good meal before it’s my turn. Onions and leeks or something to that effect usually go first. You know…to sizzle and flavor the rest of us. The potatoes usually follow suit next with a little S&P. And then….my sea friends. This is when I know it’s getting closer. The clams….the mussels…the shrimp…and then….yours truly.

Don’t worry, I won’t suffer for long. White wine will cover me soon after and at least put me out of my misery. What better time to get a buzz on? Then, the lid goes on and it’s like a thirty minute sauna. We’re at the spa…kinda.

Once we’re ready to go, it’s off with my head. I’m placed upon a wooden board and cut into what feels like a million pieces. Then my claws are cracked. Who needs protection at this point?

I do however take pride in being so cute though, because I’m what tops your dish to make it all pretty at the end of the day. All those other sea creatures…ugly mugs.

Anyway, let’s be serious folks. We all know what happens next. But it’s worth it….because it just tastes so good. And that’s why us lobsters do what we do what we do, sacrificing ourselves for the greater good of Clam Bakes! There’s really nothing like it! Pleasure takes pain! Yeah!

We hope that all of you attending the Clam Bake with Marcus Samuelsson at this year’s Atlantic City Food And Wine Festival have a grand ol’ time. And you know…don’t feel bad for the lobster. I’m here to tell you it will be okay! Eat up! I’m juicy!

Celebrate National Hot Dog Month at Caesars, Showboat & Bally’s Atlantic City!

Nothing says summertime like a good, ‘ol hotdog,especially July as it’s National Hot Dog Month! To celebrate, Cafe Roma at Caesars Atlantic City, Crossroads at House Of Blues at Showboat Atlantic City and Pickles Deli at Bally’s Atlantic City are all serving up four specialty ‘dogs for the occasion!

Check them out:

Pretzel Dog

National Hot Dog Month 1

Hot dog soaked in IPA Beer and topped with Cheddar Cheese Sauce and Crispy Onions in a pretzel roll.

BA Bacon Dog

National Hot Dog Month 2

Bacon wrapped Kobe hot dog with Caramelized Onions and Sweet Hot Mustard.

Deli Dog

National Hot Dog Month 3

Hot dog covered in Spicy Mustard, Onions, Corn Beef and Coleslaw.

Italian Dog

National Hot Dog Month 4

Hot Dog topped with Mustard, Peppers, Onions and Potatoes.

Nom nom. We really want one now. In all its juiciness. Try them out for yourself until the end of the month at Cafe Roma at Caesars, Crossroads at House Of Blues at Showboat and Pickles Deli at Bally’s. Pretzel Dog, Deli Dog and Italian Dog are priced at $8 a piece while the BA Bacon Dog is $12. Get one today!

Specialty Cocktail Revealed for the 2014 Atlantic City Food And Wine Rooftop Cocktail Party!

We know there are many of you out there that have your tickets for the 2014 Atlantic City Food And Wine Festival‘s Rooftop Cocktail Party this year because it is SOLD OUT!

This event will more or less be the kick off of this year’s festival and will feature live music and of course, all of your favorite cocktails. Sip, enjoy and dance all while overlooking the ocean and enjoying a skyline view of Atlantic City. How amazing does this sound?! You’re destined to have the best time.

Pure Leaf Iced Tea is sponsoring The Rooftop Cocktail Party and will have a specialty cocktail containing their popular not too Sweet Honey Green Tea.

Atlantic City Food And Wine Rooftop Cocktail Party

You want to know what it is…don’t you? It’s The Mango Passion Mint Green Tea Cocktail! We’re talking Belvedere Mango Passion Vodka mixed with Fresh Mint and Pure Leaf not too Sweet Honey Green Tea! YUM!

We hope you have your tickets and will be filling up your glass with the Mango Passion Mint Green Tea Cocktail because like we said, The Rooftop Cocktail Party is officially sold out! If not, be sure to grab some last minute tickets to some of the other Atlantic City Food And Wine Festival events like the The Burger Beach Bash with Martha Stewart Presented by The Beef Checkoff, Dining By The Sea Breakfast, Lunch and Dinners, and Clam Bake with Chef Marcus Samuelsson! Four days!

Anthony Anderson Chats Anthony Anderson & Friends Show at House Of Blues Atlantic City Tomorrow & More!

Anthony Anderson. You know him from SO much more than you probably think. Famous for breakout funnyman roles in flicks like Romeo Must Die, Big Mama’s House and Me, Myself & Irene, the actor has gone on to have a lucrative career in both the comedic and dramatic sectors of film and television (The Shield, Law & Order and The Departed to name a few on the latter).

Anthony Anderson

While he’s always looking to portray characters of depth, Anderson has recently gone back to his roots in more ways than one. His new comedy series, (in which he stars and executive produces) Black-Ish, premieres in September on ABC AND he is currently hosting stand-up gigs throughout the country. In fact, Anthony Anderson & Friends are slated to hit the stage at House Of Blues Atlantic City at Showboat TOMORROW….and you totally need to be there.

We were lucky enough to chat with Anthony literally right before he caught his flight this afternoon (like we’re talking seconds away from take-off) to chat about Anthony Anderson & Friends and his diverse career. Check the interview, below.

TAC: What can fans expect from your show tomorrow night at House Of Blues?

Anthony Anderson: Pure, unadulterated fun and excitement. Four comics, a DJ and me hosting. We have Chris Spencer, David Arnold, Calise Hawkins and Ron G and my DJ is DJ Diamond who was Prince’s world tour DJ for a couple of years.

TAC: What is something you get from performing stand-up live on stage that you don’t get from comedic acting on television?

Anthony Anderson: Instant gratification. The audience and the energy coming off of the audience. Being a comedic actor, you hope it’s funny. It can be funny, but can be helped in editing if it’s not, but when you are on the live stage, you are the writer, the director, the star, everything. And you know instantly what works and what doesn’t work. You’re flying by the seat of your pants.

TAC: You make people laugh all the time, what’s the last thing that made you laugh?

Anthony Anderson: My son. I have a fourteen year-old son who is an actor. In my new show Black-ish, I have a fourteen year-old son, and my son came in and auditioned and didn’t get the role. Subsequently, my son got his own television show and I was on set hanging out and watching him and the producers came over to me and said that they were writing an episode where his father comes to visit and asked if I wanted to play his father. I turned to my son and said, do you see how easy that is, son? I don’t even have to act to get a job with you! You couldn’t even be my son, but I can be your dad! He trashed talked me a little bit after that and that was just the other day.

TAC: Switching gears a bit to your acting career – you’ve played such a broad spectrum of roles over your career – comedic and dramatic, which one of them do you relate to the most other than All About The Andersons?

Anthony Anderson: One is Andre Johnson on my new sitcom Black-ish and the other is Tony from Two Can Play That Game. This character Dre is really unfiltered on television very unlike what I’ve had in the past and with Tony, I really just got to be me and talk the trash I wanted to talk about the male/female dynamic in relationships and I got to play off Morris Chestnut and a lot of other people, but I would say that that was the character most like me that I’ve done so far.

TAC: Which one was the toughest for you to prepare for and why?

Anthony Anderson: My role on The Shield as Antwon Mitchell just because at that time, people had only known me from my comedic films. Kangaroo Jack was huge at the time along with Me, Myself and Irene and Romeo Must Die. To get this opportunity to portray this character, Antwon Mitchell on The Shield, who was ruthless, heartless, calculated, gangster and murderer was different. It wasn’t really that hard to prepare for because I’ve always had it in me. I’m an actor, it’s what I do, but it was hard to get the job. It was hard to get the producers, the directors, the network and the studio to see me in that role and see me outside of a comedic film.

TAC: What do you look for when researching possible roles?

Anthony Anderson: Something that speaks to me that I haven’t done before. Right now, my trophy case is empty at home with the exception of a Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Award for Best Fart from Kangaroo Jack. Now I’m looking to put some brass up in there: a Golden Globe, an Oscar or what not. I’m looking for roles where the character has depth and more meaning other than just shits and giggles.

Leave the shits and giggles for tomorrow night at House Of Blues at Showboat Atlantic City! Snatch up your last minute tickets for Anthony Anderson and Friends here. You know you want to be there!

Atlantic City Food And Wine Festival Dining By The Sea Event Menu’s Revealed!

Who is attending a Dinner By The Sea Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner event this year at the 2014 Atlantic City Food And Wine Festival next weekend?!

Dining By The Sea kicks of with Dinner prepared by Robert Irvine on Friday, July 25th and will continue the following evening, Saturday, July 26th with Martha Stewart. Martha Stewart will also start off the Dining By The Sea Breakfast events on Saturday morning while Chef Marcus Samuelsson will take over on Sunday, and if you’re coming in for Lunch on Saturday, prepare to be wowed by Marcus Samuelsson and then again on Sunday by Chef Robert Irvine.

The menus for these awesome events were just released and we want to share them with you! Check out what you’ll be having!


Dining By The Sea Dinner with Robert Irvine

Friday, July 25th

7:00 – 8:30 p.m.

Robert Irvine 1

First Course

Lobster Summer Salad with Chilled Jersey Corn Soup

Petite heirloom tomatoes, Haricot verts, Compressed cucumbers, Young pea tendrils, Citrus-champagne vinaigrette & Chilled puree of local jersey sweet corn.


Cold Smoked Veal Tenderloin

Coco vert beans sofrito, English pea puree, Mango condiment, Micro cilantro


Key Lime Meringue Tart

Macerated local blueberries, Caramel rippled-vanilla bean ice cream, Graham cracker crunch


Dining By The Sea Breakfast with Martha Stewart

Saturday, July 26th

10:00 – 11:00 a.m.

martha stewart 1

Cheese Popovers

First Course

Martha’s Green Juice

Second Course

Cheese Popovers with Creamed Spinach

Third Course

Fried Egg and Bacon
* Specialty Cocktail: Bloody Mary


Dining By The Sea Lunch with Marcus Samuelsson

Saturday, July 26th

1:00 – 2:00 p.m.

Marcus Samuelsson 1

Tomato Watermelon Salad

Featured Items:

Fried Chicken


Corn Bread

Tomato Watermelon Salad


Donuts & Ice Cream Sandwich

Specialty Cocktail: Rose Sangria


Dining By The Sea Dinner with Martha Stewart 

Saturday, July 26th

8:00 – 9:00 p.m.

martha stewart 2


First Course

Melon and Cucumber Salad

Second Course


Third Course

Blueberry Crisp or Peach and Berry Cobbler

* Specialty Cocktail: Ginger Caipirinha


Dining By The Sea Breakfast with Marcus Samuelsson

Sunday, July 27th

10:00 – 11:00 a.m.

Marcus Samuelsson 2

Deviled Eggs

Featured Items:

Deviled Eggs

Smoked Salmon and Green Papaya Salad

Caribbean Bacon with Beans, Soy Poached Egg

Specialty Cocktail:  Rooster Michelada


Dining By The Sea Lunch with Robert Irvine

Sunday, July 27th

1:00 – 2:00 p.m.

Robert Irvine 2

First Course 

Octopus Carpaccio

Petite heirloom tomatoes, Fava beans, Fingerling potatoes, Mache greens, Pickled red onion-olive condiment, Olio verde


Bourbon Brined Amish Chicken

Summer corn & sweet potato hash, Chanterelle mushrooms, Nueske’s bacon lardoons, Fermented garlic jus de poulet


Warm Peach Cobbler

Almond streusel, Blackberry preserves, Tahitian vanilla- crème fraiche ice cream


Isn’t your mouth watering just reading all that goodness?! Where else can you eat food prepared by a star studded celebrity chef other than the Atlantic City Food And Wine Festival?! If you haven’t snatched up any tickets for Dining By The Sea Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner, we advise you to do that ASAP! After reading over these menus, you don’t want to miss out!











Celebrate National Ice Cream Month at Caesars, Showboat & Bally’s Atlantic City!

I scream, you scream….we all scream for ICE CREAM, ya’ll! And Caesars Atlantic City, Showboat Atlantic City and Bally’s Atlantic City are all making it easy for you during this month of July since it’s National Ice Cream Month! Woohoo!

Cafe Roma at Caesars and Crossroads of House Of Blues at Showboat are both currently offering Ice Cream Sundae specials starting at $8.99. Check a few out right here.

National Sundae Month 1

Pina Colada Fruit Waffle Sundae: Pina Colada Ice Cream topped with Malibu Syrup, Whipped Cream, Medley Fruit and Shredded Coconut

National Sundae Month 2

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Sundae: Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream topped with Crushed Peanut Butter Cup, Whipped Cream, and drizzled Hot Fudge and Peanut Butter Sauces.

National Sundae Month 3

Flaming Bananas Foster Split Sundae: Vanilla Ice Cream topped with Captain Morgan Warm Butter Rum Sauce,Whipped Cream and a Cherry!

National Ice Cream Month 4

Sweet Cookie Indulgence Sundae: Mint and Chocolate Ice Cream and Oreo Cookies topped with Chocolate Sauce, Whipped Cream and a Cherry.

National Ice Cream Month 5

Cheesecake Brownie Sundae: Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream and Cheesecake Brownie topped with Whipped Cream, Fresh Strawberries and Chocolate Sauce.

Another amazing $8.99 sundae option to consider is the Dulce De Leche Sundae (Vanilla Ice Cream topped with Whipped Cream, Chocolate Sauce, Dolce de leche and Plantains).

Additionally, you can also score a super, huge $39 Boardwalk Cupcake Crusher Sundae at Cafe Roma and Nero’s Chophouse & Sushi Bar at Caesars, Scarduzio’s Steak & Sushi Lounge and Crossroads at House Of Blues at Showboat and Guy Fieri’s Chophouse at Bally’s!

National Ice Cream Month 6

This delicious monstrosity is composed of four cupcakes, seven scoops of ice cream, warm chocolate chip cookies, chocolate sauce, vanilla sauce, and caramel sauce and is finished with a heaping mountain of whipped cream! Now THAT’S a sundae. Are we right, or are we right?

AND…that’s not all. That’s right, we said it. A 100% sugar $100 Treasure Chest is also available at Nero’s Chophouse & Bar.

National Ice Cream Month 7

Before any kind of word leaves your lips, listen to what we have going on here. The box itself is Sugar Diamond encrusted white chocolate. All of it. And it’s filled with Chocolate Valhrona Ice Cream, shards of Chocolate Bark studded with 24K gold, Sea Salt Pretzel Bark coated in Dark Pacari Chocolate from Equador, a 7 Layer Mini Ultimate Chocolate Cake Wedge with Salted Caramel Ice Cream AND…to finish it off…a shot of 100 year-old Grand Marnier on top! Holy smokes!!

That leaves us so speechless…we don’t even know what to say anymore! Moral of the story = celebrate National Ice Cream Month at Caesars, Showboat & Bally’s! Yum!

Steve Martorano Talks Martorano’s at Harrah’s Resort & Life Stories

After weeks of exciting anticipation, Martorano’s at Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City officially opened its doors last night to the public. Drinks were flowing and food was plentiful. Some of the evening’s menu selections included:

Martorano's Atlantic City 1


Homemade mozzarella. To die for.

Martorano's Atlantic City 2Sea Bass and Broccoli Rabe.

Martorano's Atlantic City 3Orchette with Hot & Sweet Sausage.

Martorano's Atlantic CIty 4

Linguine in White Clam Sauce.

And so much more. And that’s just the food. Cook (as he prefers to be called as he is not a trained chef) Steve Martorano is a story in and of himself. His words can only do it justice. Check out the interview, below.

Martorano's Atlantic City 1

TAC: What are you most excited about opening a Martorano’s here at Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City?

Steve Martorano: I came from nothing. I didn’t  go to schoo.l I didn’t have no trade. I didn’t have no vision or no dream. I just knew I had to go to work and pay bills. I was a street guy. You have to read between the lines about that. And now, I’m going to have my name up in lights in Atlantic City. I had it in Vegas, which is great. I have it in Florida, which is great, but coming back home to a native area where you were born and raised means more to me than anything.

TAC: What will guests be able to experience at Martorano’s that they won’t get anywhere else in Atlantic City?

Steve Martorano: What they are going to get from me, they’re not going to experience anywhere else in the country other than somewhere that copied my concept. I’ve been doing this concept for 24 years and now you go around, and other places are doing what I’m doing. The problem is they all think that playing music videos makes the success. The bottom line is that the star is the food. That’s why I’m here 17 hours a day and six days a week because my brand is the most important thing to me and I want this thing to be right because because the bar is set so high. People from New York, Connecticut, Boston, Philadelphia and South Jersey who have already been to my restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale will come to this one, so their expectations are already high and that’s the difficulty. This place is five times bigger than Oakland Park Boulevard, so that that’s my biggest dilemma right now. And the bar is even higher because I’m home. I used to come here, down the shore, when I had no money. I remember not paying money for the tolls, I would just drive through. And now, for me to be here with my name Martorano, right in my backyard, that’s a blessing.

TAC: You are also a talented DJ. Will you be DJing at Martorano’s at Harrah’s Resort at all?

Steve Martorano: Absolutely, yeah. I used to be the guy who brought the music to Valentino’s in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. I’m a Philly guy so I was raised on Howard Melvin and The Blue Notes, the O’Jays and the Trammps. I’m more excited bringing bringing the slow jams back.

TAC: We know that you didn’t want to get into the family business and that school wasn’t your thing. What was it that made you choose this career path and stick with it?

Steve Martorano: I didn’t have any options. My family was locked up during the 70′s and 80′s and a lot of people around me were getting killed and a lot of things were happening on the streets. I had two kids. People compliment me on my ‘vision’ and ‘dream’ all the time. What the f*ck you talking about, dream?All I knew was that I had to go to work to pay the bills. There was no vision. I like music so I cooked and played music. I like The Godfather. I like Goodfellas so I play those movies in my restaurant. There was no dream. It just happened. My goal was to pay bills and keep a roof over my family’s head.

TAC: Why was Florida the right place for you to start opening your restaurants back in 93?

Steve Martorano:  I opened a restaurant in Philly during the Iraqi War and at that time, the economy was going south. I lost everything. A friend of mine from Philadelphia was living in Ft. Lauderdale and I was about to go to the streets again. I needed a change and had to get out, so I went to Florida. Someone whispered in my ear to go to Coral Springs. I went and stayed for two days and everyone in the town was in bed by 9 o’clock. I was like what am I going to do here? I need some action.I called my friend who lived in Ft. Lauderdale and said this isn’t for me, I’m going back to Philly. He told me before I went back to look at this little store across the street. If I never went to look at that store, my life would have been completely different. I would have got on that plane and never went back to Florida again.I looked across the street on my way back to the airport. There were five tables and an open kitchen and I said, this is for me.  I went home back to Philly, called a realtor, made a deal, and that’s how it all started. But if I didn’t go look at that spot, who knows where I would be today.

TAC:   How has your menu changed from when you opened your first restaurant to now?

Steve Martorano: It’s basically still the same. We’ve grown. I have grown personally and my team has grown personally. The menu is basically what made us. Staples always stay. I have five restaurants and I add to them, but I always try to keep that Philadelphia comfort/neighborhood style of cooking. I have Pastina and Butter on my menu. When is the last time you saw that at a restaurant? The first time I did the Jimmy Kimmel show, I made meatballs. Jimmy told me to come to his house one Sunday to cook for about 30 guys. So we went to his house and did all this shopping. I cooked chicken cutlets, beer cutlets, calamari, stuffed calamari. I cooked for like seven hours and at the last minute, I made Pastina and Butter. They flipped out over the Pastina and Butter. I wanted to create a place that reminds me of the way my mother, my grandmother and my grandfather used to cook. I expect to bring this home feeling to Atlantic City.

TAC: Your meatballs have been named the best in the world by countless celebrities including Jimmy Kimmel. What makes them the best?

Steve Martorano: That’s another story. I have a new book coming out. My first book was called Yo Cuz: My Food, My Family, My Life, My Way. I self-published that book because publishing companies weren’t interested. I could only sell it in the restaurant and then eventually a division of Random House, the biggest publishing company in the world, bought my book.My new book comes out in September in every bookstore in the country. It’s called It Aint Sauce, It’s Gravy which tells why my meatball is better than everyone else’s. Ninety nine percent of restaurants make a meatball and they put it in marinara sauce. Martorano puts it in the Sunday gravy that’s flavored with meats and that’s what brings my meatball to that next level.

TAC: You’ve been featured on television shows and cooked for the cast of the Soprano’s among so many other things. Which one of these moments have been the most memorable for you so far?

Steve Martorano: I think going to Jimmy Kimmel’s house because there’s a funny story there. I was cooking and all of these guys were hanging around and laughing when the doorbell rang. Jimmy asked me to get the door, so I go to the door and it’s Tom Cruise and his mom! Tom Cruise looks at me and goes I heard you’re making bucatini carbonara. I said yeah, that’s what I’m making and he said that’s why I’m here. We ended up making three batches of bucatini carbonara. Another great moment in my life would probably be when Shaq gave me a championship ring with my name on it from the Miami Heat. That was great.

TAC: Famous last meal question. What would yours be?

Steve Martorano: If I had a choice I would want to sit and have dinner with Joseph Bonanno. He is a man of honor a man of respect.

TAC: What else is on your bucket list to accomplish?

Steve Martorano: Mario Lopez fell in love with my brand and fell in love with the idea of a guy that came from nothing trying to inspire people. No matter what life throws at you, keep going forward.I keep on getting knocked down and keep getting up, so that’s that inspiration. We own this brand called Yo Cuz which is a slang we use in Philadelphia. Whenever we sell Yo Cuz, the proceeds go to help the kids. These are kids that are told that they are nothing.  I’m here to show them look, I started out selling sandwiches door to door. I made the sandwiches in a basement. I didn’t get to where I am today by someone giving it to me, I got to where I am today from breaking my balls and going to work. Don’t ever let anyone tell you no. That’s why the Mario Lopez wants to do a show with us. He is in the process of selling the show, so I’m hoping to sell it.

So awesome! If you’re looking for great food, great stories and a great vibe, hit up Martorano’s at Harrah’s Resort the next time you are in AC! The best.



Get To Know Your Wild West Vixen: Taylor

It’s Tuesday. We know. That kind of sucks. The good news is that in just 3 short nights, you will be able to hit up the Mountain Bar at Bally’s Atlantic City and party with some of the area’s greatest DJs, bands, Party Pit dancers and Wild West Vixens!

One of the gorgeous Wild West Vixens getting ready to dance the top off the Mountain Bar this weekend is none other than miss Taylor.

Wild West Vixens

Get to know her a bit more, below.

TAC: What is your background like in dance and/or performance?

Taylor: My career as a dancer started at the age of three in a small town in Ohio. Growing up, I travelled from state to state to progress my training in classical ballet. Although I professionally worked in three different ballet companies, I have studied and performed all genres of dance. A few of my favorite are hip-hop, contemporary, and tap.

TAC: How did you become a Wild West Vixen?

Taylor: I taught at a studio with someone who was a Wild West Vixen!

TAC: Nice! What would you say it takes to be a good Wild West Vixen?

Taylor: This job goes beyond what the eye can see. It takes dance technique capability, performance quality, and the personality to portray your character. This all takes place on top of a bar which takes a lot of spatial awareness. Off of the bar, you have to be very out going and sociable with the customers.

TAC: Do you have a craziest or funniest performing story?

Taylor: One of my most fun and memorable moments as a Wild West Vixen was the New Year’s Eve Celebration. The crowd was awesome and pumped us up. We got to perform champagne showers and toast at midnight with the whole Wild West Bar. It was nice to celebrate a special time of the year with a warm welcoming crowd.

TAC: What do you like most about this job?

Taylor: This job is great because I love dancing. I get to meet and work with so many wonderful people.

TAC: Always a plus! What is your life like when you’re not doing this?

Taylor:When I am not working as Wild West Vixen I am either professionally dancing, auditioning, or working full time as a dance teacher.

That’s a lot of dancing! Come see Taylor and the rest of the Wild West Vixens do their thing at the Mountain Bar at Bally’s every Friday and Saturday night starting at 9 p.m.! Better put on your own dancing shoes too!

NEW LOOK at the Viking Retail Store at The Waterfront Shops at Harrah’s Resort!

The Viking Store at The Waterfront Shops at Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City has a new look! The retail shop was just recently redone with a large majority of new product!

Viking store 1

The theme of the new products = SUMMER! Summer it up with some great indoor and outdoor BBQ items. Viking has it all from cookbooks to sauces and table settings. As far as sauces go, why not try a little Kick Ass? Kick Ass condiments have the perfect blend of hot sauces, BBQ sauces and salsa to add the perfect amount of heat (or not so much if you prefer) to any summer par-tay.

Viking store 2

Viking store 3

And don’t forget to check out the dessert items after perusing the dinner selection. Crumbs bake shop mixes? Yes, please! (They’ll never know you didn’t make it from scratch). Especially if you wear that cute little apron while whipping it all up!

Viking 4

Viking retail store will also have a FREE offer for you to take advantage of soon! Stop in at the end of the month (July 24th to 31st) and receive a free electric knife with any $75 purchase! Who hasn’t always wanted an electric knife?

Anyway, what we’re saying is be sure to keep Viking at The Waterfront Shops at Harrah’s Resort on your radar the next time you’re in Atlantic City. In addition to the killer cooking classes, there’s always fun new product popping up (including a full line of wines)! Cheers! Viking it up!


Boardwalk Cupcakes at Bally’s Atlantic City NOW OPEN!

The summer and beyond are both set to be sweet at Bally’s Atlantic City! Boardwalk Cupcakes JUST opened its doors to a very enthusiastic and sugar-craving crowd.

Boardwalk Cupcakes 1

Brought to life by Chief Cupcake Officer Deborah Pellegrino, known for being the award-winning Executive Pastry Chef for Caesars Entertainment Atlantic city AND the winner of the Food Network Challenge Mythological Chocolate Creations episode, the shop boasts an array of classic, favorite flavors: red velvet, vanilla, chocolate buttermilk, banana, gluten free and sugar free as well as some incredible, original flavors you surely can not get ANYWHERE else!

Check some of them out, below:

Boardwalk Cupcakes 2

Candy Bomb: Vanilla cake with Oreo cookie filling topped with toffee bits, Reese cups and Twix.

Boardwalk Cupcakes 3

Elvis: Banana cake, raspberry jelly filling, peanut butter cream and apple-wood smoked bacon.

Boardwalk Cupcakes 4

Pig Tails: Maple vanilla cake, butterscotch icing and crispy bacon.

Boardwalk Cupcakes 5

Popcorn: Cake & salted popcorn buttercream.

And check this out. There are even some infused creations. Intoxications. As in glazed and infused with alcohol.

Boardwalk Cupcakes 6

This right here is the Beerita - Lager cake, filled with tequila key lime filling, iced in salted meringue.

And then there’s also the 007.

Boardwalk Cupcakes 7

Orange vodka cake filled with lemon lime filling, iced in orange Cointreau whipped cream. NOMS! Other intoxications include Chocolate Mudslide, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Pina Colada and Jack and Coke.

And to get even more 411 on the fabulous Boardwalk Cupcakes, see an interview with Deb Pellegrino, below.

TAC: How did your vision for Boardwalk Cupcakes to come about?

Deb Pellegrino: I love to create fun, funky desserts….but it has to be good, really good.  Looks are everything but taste is more!  When I was asked about doing a cupcake shop, I was not thrilled until I was allowed to do exactly what I wanted and they have certainly allowed me to do that. After visiting many, many cupcake shops in NYC, I knew exactly what I wanted in my shop.  Clean and white with bursts of bold colors.  I want the cupcakes to be the star of the show.  No tchotchkes needed!

TAC: Why will Boardwalk Cupcakes appeal to visitors in Atlantic City?

Deb Pellegrino: Who doesn’t love moist cake with enough icing for every bite  AND spectacular boardwalk treats rolled into a tender little cupcake?  I know our Boardwalk Collection will be the talk on the boards with the popcorn, cotton candy, coconut macaroon, sea salt, lemonade and soda pop flavors.

TAC: LOVE it. Did you already have these recipes in your back pocket or did you come up with some especially for Boardwalk Cupcakes? Which ones?

Deb Pellegrino: Only  the classics were in my back pocket, the rest were created just for Boardwalk Cupcakes. And I have to say that was a lot of fun.  The problem I had was there were too many flavors I wanted to put on the menu, but I managed to narrow it down to 32.  I still have options to add in daily specials!

TAC: What are the key elements to a perfect cupcake creation?

Deb Pellegrino: Love, care and then comes taste and how it looks.

TAC: Which one is your favorite so far?

Deb Pellegrino: Elvis is pretty darn cool.  It looks like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich made out of icing.  I love it.  And I can’t just choose one favorite, each cupcake has a special place in my belly.

TAC: How often will flavors change?

Deb Pellegrino: Holidays and seasons for the daily cupcakes, and if I see a cupcake is just not getting the love I intended it to get, we’ll retire it to the smash cup and create a new one!

We love options. And we love cupcakes. Don’t you? What’s not to love. Check out Boardwalk Cupcakes at Bally’s on the Wild Wild West end of the boardwalk daily from noon until 10 p.m.