Classic Spotlight Series: Hey, Mr. Cashman

Hey, Mr. Cashman. We know. Those words are music to your ears. And the payout ding-a-ling is even more grand of a tune.

Atlantic City slots

The Mr. Cashman slot games by Aristocrat are arguably the most popular on the casino floor. Sometimes you can’t even get a seat! And there are over 200 of these game types combined at Caesars Atlantic City, Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City and Bally’s Atlantic City.

We did a little digging into why Mr. Cashman is such a fav on the Atlantic City casino floor. And contrary to our initial thoughts, it isn’t even because he’s so dang cute! (Look at him, seriously).It pretty much all comes down to the following reasons:

1. Mr. Cashman Goes A Long Way 

When you take a seat at Cashman Live, Cashman Tonight, the original Mr. Cashman or any kids of the Cashman fam, buckle up because you’ll most likely be in for a long ride. One Tripadvisor reviewer actually had a friend who played a Cashman machine for fourteen to fifteen hours straight. Fourteen to fifteen hours, people. That’s bang for your buck right there. And to award you for hanging in there, most players report a bit more winning too.

2. Mr. Cashman Suits Your Price Point

Mr. Cashman machines come in all denominations, all shapes and sizes. In fact, Harrah’s Resort currently boasts a 25 cent option which is pretty rare! Find one that fits your budget!

3. Mr. Cashman Features Random Bonuses

This one brings home the most bragging rights for Mr. Cashman. The random bonuses. You don’t have to do anything, you don’t have to hit anything. These bonuses can literally just pop out of  nowhere for you, definitely raising the excitement factor and shifting the odds in your favor. Everybody loves a bonus….or four.

If you have yet to meet Mr. Cashman at Caesars, Harrah’s Resort or Bally’s…what are you waiting for?! He’s been all up in these parts since 2002! Give him a chance, you might like him!

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