The Dusk Complex at Caesars Atlantic City Adds Retro’s to the Mix

There have been some changes surrounding the Dusk Nightclub area of Caesars Atlantic City and the Atlantic City boardwalk lately! Have you seen?

The Dusk Management Group recently opened two new nightlife venues, Retro’s and The Backyard Bar, replacing 21 Bar and Boardwalk Beer Garden.

Manager Kevin Friel had this to say of the new space: “ Dusk Nightclub at the Dusk Complex at Caesars will continue its progressive yet recognizable music format.  Dusk’s music caters to the nightlife audience that doesn’t relate to techno music or EDM.  The complex will offer 3 distinct venues under one roof, coupled with award winning service, décor and world class sound and lighting systems.  Wether you want to enjoy a rum runner outside at the Backyard Bar, reminisce in Retro’s or dance in the modern Dusk Nightclub, the complex has something for you”.

We’re going to zone in on Retro’s for you today.

Atlantic City nightlife 1

That’s right. An 80′s vibe.  Throwing it back to one of your favorite decades, ya’ll! We’re talking 80′s music complete with accompanying attire from the staff, hot DJs and dancers and….disco balls.

Atlantic City nightlife 2


Case and point. And those flat screen TVs along the bar area will be playing popular old skool flicks like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Cocktail and the like as well as music videos syncing with the songs coming from the DJ booth. Like from the good ‘ol days when MTV actually used to play music videos. You know, like Duran Duran, Flock Of Seagulls, Blondie…we imagine a little Madonna?

“Every kind of 80’s music will be played at Retros,” said Kevin.  ”Not only will fans be able to reminisce with the songs but they will get the videos as well, it will bring us back to the golden age of MTV.   The great thing about 80’s music is that it really ran the gamut from cutting edge to campy, we won’t leave any of it out.”

YES! Nothing better than rocking out to the sights and sounds of the 80′s with cocktail in hand. So is this more like a club or a bar? We wanted to know.

“We would describe it as a fun lounge with dancing,” said Kevin.  ”We installed a video DJ system which links the DJ to the 9 plasma TV’s we have mounted to the walls.  When the DJ plays a song the correlating video will be playing on the screens.  Retros will have a bar feel during the day but it definitely will lean a bit more to a club experience once the DJ takes over in the evening”.

So… are you finally saying “Yay! Finally, an Atlantic City nightlife experience for me!” You should.

“We feel that the nightlife in the city is catered to a very specific demographic that is under 30 and for the most part single,” said Kevin.  ”The city has a wide variety of dining and shows that play to a wider audience, but it lacks a nightlife venue that works for everyone. The Dusk complex will fill that void and provide a good time to all”.

So that’s Retro’s at Caesars for ya! It’s time to have some fun, 30-somethings!


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